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Rate each GTA game (story , mission , overworld , innovation)

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Posted (edited)


1. Story 8/10. I wouldn't say it's exceptional, but it fits the world very well and nothing really sticks out too much.

2. Missions 8/10. Again, not much of a variety, but compared with other games of that time they were fairly diverse and interesting.

3. Overworld 9/10. Perfect map, the only reason I'm giving it a 9 not 10 is because of the lack of the countryside.

4. Innovation (for it's time) 10/10. First decent sandbox 3d game.

Overall: 8.75



1. Story - 9/10. It's more interesting than 3, and looks like R* decided to focus on the story this time rather than a picture.

2. Missions - 9/10/ Again, a good selection of diverse missions.

3. Overworld - 7/10. It's an extremely boring map, but combined with the other aspects of the game it was okay for it's time.

4. Innovation (for it's time) - 5/10. There was hardly any noticable innovation really. Small tweaks mainly.

Overall: 7.5



1. Story - 10/10. Long, captivating story and well written characters.

2. Missions - 10/10. An amazing unbeatable selection of very diverse missions.

3. Overworld - 10/10. I don't really need to give any arguments here.

4. Innovation (for it's time) - 9/10. A huge number of things were added to the game, though more could have been done.

Overall: 9.75



1. Story - 7/10. If it wasn't for some very obviously wrong plot ideas it would have have been a very solid story.

2. Missions - 4/10. The most boring missions set of the series. Rampages and emergency vehicles missions were taken away, all that was left was driving and shooting.

3. Overworld -  5/10. The map is 8/10 (lack of countryside). The engine and the timecync or whatever it is called on Rage ruined the game resulting in a bland, sh*tty coloured picture.

4. Innovation (for it's time) - 6/10. The game introduced as many new features as it discarded. A new engine was essentially the only entirely new thing which triggered the changes. A major step back for GTA series overall.

Overall: 5.5



1. Story - 9/10. It's pretty good, but not without weird moments.

2. Missions - 8/10. Story line is good, side missions - not at all.

3. Overworld - 6/10. It's exciting until you have explored it. Then it's just one big boring urban setting no matter where you go.

4. Innovation (for it's time) - 9/10. Compared to GTA 4 this game is a pinnacle of the game design. More could have been borrowed from Renderware of course.

Overall: 8

Edited by Lioshenka

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Story: 9/10

Missions: 8/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overworld: 10/10

Innovation: 10/10

Overall: 9.5/10


GTA Vice City:

Story: 8/10

Missions: 9/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overworld: 8/10

Innovation: 8/10

Overall: 9/10


GTA San Andreas:

Story: 10/10

Missions: 10/10



Innovation: 9/10

Overall: 10/10



Story: 9/10

Missions: 8/10

Gameplay: 8/10

Overworld: 8/10

Innovation: 9/10

Overall: 8.75/10(9/10 with EFLC)




Story: 8/10

Missions: 9/10

Gameplay: 9/10

Overworld: 9/10

Innovation 9/10

Overall: 9.25/10

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American Venom



Story: 7/10 (Not too bad for its time, but hasn't aged that well)

Missions: 7/10 (Same as above)

Overworld: 7/10 (Lacks interiors and the like, but I do like its haunting atmosphere)

Innovation: 10/10 (Well it was the first 3D GTA so top marks for innovation here)


Overall based on average: 8/10


Vice City:


Story: 8/10 (Improvement over GTA III and easily the best of the 3D era, but loses a bit of steam after Tommy kills Diaz)

Missions: 8.5/10 (Varied without being too over the top)

Overwold: 8/10 (I really like Vice City's map and the leaps it made with interiors compared to GTA III)

Innovation: 8/10 (Didn't innovate as much as GTA III, but still pretty good for how quickly the game was made)


Overall based on average: 8/10


San Andreas:


Story: 4/10 (It's a piece of sh*t. Plain and simple)

Missions: 5/10 (Overrated with some terribly designed missions that get given a free pass too often)

Overworld 8/10 (The only thing I really like in the game. The tri city map was a good concept for the time)

Innovation: 7/10 (Most of the new things it introduced don't interest me as a GTA player, but credit is given where it's due I guess)


Overall based on average: 6/10




Story 10/10 (What more needs to be said? It's the best story in the series, period)

Missions: 10/10 (I don't care for over the top missions. Niko's not a secret agent. He's a hitman/hired gun so I expect car chases, shootouts etc from a GTA game. GTA IV's mission freedom and choices also contribute)

Overworld: 10/10 (It's the best map in the series. Most alive and feels like a real place. Love it)

Innovation: 10/10 (The biggest leap technically since GTA III)



Overall based on average: 10/10




Story: 4/10 (Like San Andreas it's a piece of sh*t)

Missions: 5/10 (Again like San Andreas the missions are overrated and the poorly designed ones get too much of a free pass)

Overworld: 8/10 (It looks beautiful, but Los Santos doesn't interest me as much as Liberty City so loses a couple of marks)

Innovation:7/10 (I don't think it really innovated much and the watered down mechanics compared to GTA IV don't play into its favour, but it did introduce the switching mechanic (even if I don't like it very much) so that's something)


Overall based on average: 6/10

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Son of Zeus



Story- 5/10 (Protagonist doesn't talk, nothing memorable)

Missions- 7/10 (Decent entertaining missions for its time)

Overworld- 6/10 (Nice world for its time, a little bland)

Innovation- 8/10 (First 3d GTA)


Overall- 7/10




Story- 8/10 (Talking protagonist, lots of memorable characters)

Missions- 9/10 (Varied, improves missions over 3)

Overworld- 7/10 (Improved over 3. Nice and colourful but still small)

Innovation- 9/10 (Lots of improvement and new stuff introduced)


Overall- 9/10




Story- 9/10 (Covers different criminal worlds. Gangs, mafia etc. Excellent villain and characters)

Missions- 10/10 (Best in the series. Lots of variety)

Overworld- 10/10 (Best map so far. Varied environments and much bigger than VC and 3)

Innovations- 9/10 (Improved physics, map rendering and a ton of cool new features)


Overall- 10/10




Story- 5/10 (Starts well but gets dull fast. Some good characters, poor antagonists and weak ending. Overrated)

Missions- 3/10 (sh*tty. Worst in the series. Extremely repetitive)

Overworld- 5/10 (Some good detail but the ugly filter makes it look bland. Concrete jungle, no countryside)

Innovation- 8/10 (Great physics engine, only part of the game i liked)


Overall- 5/10




Story- 6/10 (Good dialogue and some character moments. Weak antagonists)

Missions- 6/10 (Some good 3d era stylr missions. A lot are scripted too much

Overworld- 7/10 (Los Santos is pretty but the poor layout and wasted mountains bring the map down)

Innovation- 6/10 (Doesn't innovate much apart from multiple characters and animals)


Overall: 7/10

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Posted (edited)

Grand Theft Auto 3


Story- 6/10: Back then, it was great, first GTA game that had a story. But now, people, including me, see it as a simple revenge plot.


Missions- 8/10: Not bad, though some of them are extremely tedious. (f*ck you S.A.M and Espresso2Go)


Overworld- 8/10: It was pretty groundbreaking for its time.


Innovation- 9/10: First GTA game to have 3D graphics.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


Story- 7.5/10: More interesting than GTA 3's story. I wasn't a fan of the dialogue though, mostly because some lines felt lazy or just quick.


Missions- 9/10: It's like GTA 3's missions but better and a little speck of creativity added. (and they are less tedious)


Overworld- 9/10: Despite the map being really small, it nailed it at atmosphere and such.


Innovation- 8/10: Bikes are added, flyable aircrafts added but they are less difficult to operate, interiors added, more weapons added, etc, etc. Wish they added swimming though.


GTA: San Andreas


Story- 5/10: It's so mediocre, it's not even funny. It started off okay, but it went to sh*t once CJ got to San Fierro. Not to mention CJ is such a pussy which is probably why he's my least favorite protagonist in the series imo.


Missions- 8/10: They were pretty great, and there was most of them that I had fun with, especially the mission Just Business.


Overworld- 8/10: The cities are well made, except San Fierro. It was bland imo.


Innovation- 9.5/10: Let's admit it, San Andreas brought a lot new to the franchise. Some of the features may be useless, but whatever. You could fly planes, (not heilcopters, planes), you could swim, swim underwater, stats, clothes customization (though, they were tacky as hell), the list goes on and on.


GTA: Liberty City Stories


Story- 5.5/10: It's mediocre, but slightly better than SA's story apart from the fact where the antagonist was practically non-existent in the game. Vincenzo could have been the antagonist, not some dude who was seen in only 2 cutscenes/missions.


Missions- 8/10: They were fine and they were pretty varied.


Overworld- 7.5/10: Meh, practically the same as GTA 3's city....


Innovation- 7/10: It did introduce some stuff like new weapons and such but it was such a step back in terms of mechanics, especially after the release of San Andreas. You couldn't swim, crouch, no any kind of customization, etc. But I can understand seeing that it was made for PSP.


GTA: Vice City Stories


Story- 7.5/10: It's sorta meh. It's not bad but Victor was kind of inconsistent with his character. "I don't wanna be involved with drugs!" (runs entire drug empire)


Missions- 8.5/10: Most of them are pretty great and varied. Especially the Empire Building missions. The vehicle side missions had checkpoints as well, which is good.


Overworld- 8.5/10: I love Vice City, that's why it gets that rating, but I feel like the original game did the setting better.


Innovation- 8/10: Didn't introduce much imo apart from side missions having checkpoints and such.


Grand Theft Auto IV


Story- 9/10: Best in the series imo. It's really interesting and it's very captivating.


Missions- 7/10: Though most missions can be fun to play through, they can get really repetitive....really fast. I'm not joking when I say I did 3 missions where you had to chase someone in a row. It also had a bit too much filler. Better than Mafia 3's "missions" anyways.


Overworld- 8.5/10: I like Liberty City, and the world felt a bit vibrant and alive imo.


Innovation- 9/10: New engine, new ragdoll physics, new graphics, list goes on and on. Though, there could have been more added to the game...


Grand Theft Auto V


Story- Maybe a 7.5 or 8/10. It had its moments, I like some of the character relationships, it had a badass introduction, but I hated the FIB sh*t.


Missions- 9/10: Despite all of the boring missions like Scouting The Port, it had a lot of variety, and I loved the ambient music (though it makes it feel scripted).


Overworld- 8/10: I loved HD Los Santos better than 3D Los Santos imo. The view is amazing, it felt alive, but the one thing that made me not like it as Vice City was the countryside. It also looked exactly like Los Angeles.


Innovation- 7/10. Didn't introduce much but animals, special abilities, character switching, and weapon customization.

Edited by xXPinguXx

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