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Just Played SP after a 5 month Hiatus and Holy Sh*t..


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This game is garbage. Like their is no justification for the polished turd that is V.

This is hands down the worst GTA game of all time.


Brb Magic Police


Brb 1 kill punch on peds


Brb Arcade Driving


Brb Stars for staring at people


Brb Constant 10 minute chases


Brb Unecessary Turbulance


Brb Detailed sh*t no one cares about (ie. ocean floor , sewer system , yoga, therapy , etc etc)


Brb Boring Cheat Codes


Brb Nothing Is Enjoyable


Brb Brb



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Brb Locked.


http://gtaforums.com/topic/603081-the-official-gta-v-complaint-topic/ :^:

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