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(PS3) Crew members wanted for Fun British Crew


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*puts on fake Advertising Cheesy Voice* Do you play GTA thinking that people take the game too seriously? Are you from Britain and want to play with people in your time zone? Do you watch GTA Youtube Vids thinking wouldn't it be great to have a crew who likes to have fun do cool stunts? then......

....the BRIT FUN LOVIN THUG crew is for you!

After spending some time trawling through the net for active British crews who do not take the game too seriously, want to have fun, enjoy doing stunts, glitch experiments, and general chaos and NOT FINDING ANYTHING, I decided to create my own.

Ideally I'd love a crew like the ones shown on Youtube, especially the likes of

Would be great to have someone join who can video the sessions in some way. We could become famous! lol

If you want to join contact me on here or at the social club or at the crews page

All I ask is that everyone respects other crew members (no crew killings and no trolling). I'm not a diehard player of GTA (I only go on every other night or something like that).

Hope to hear from you all soon :¬)
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