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Netflix DNS

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Not sure if this thread should be in here or TV/Movies chat.


After watching the US version of Netflix for over a year here in UK my favourite DNS provider have closed their doors and walked away.


I have been struggling for the last few months to find a stable set of settings to continue watching US Netflix - every new DNS that pops up is gone within days or hours and it's PISSING ME OFF! and I am here to see if anyone knows of any other ways to get US Netflix in the UK on PS3/Xbox.


I thought about VPN, but really don't want to go down that route and am thinking about paid services like www.unblock-us.com


My latest find is http://www.netflixfixer.com/2014/02/american-netflix-dns-codes-roundup-pt2.html

however - none of the codes are working presently.


Anything else I can try?

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Francis Underwood

All this is because you are bypassing the terms of agreement you accepted when using netflix. I'm not disagreeing with you being able to watch US netflix, I think it's great. But it's technically not legal. So I would not complain about your being able to bypass this for as long as you have already.

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No good - tried

Tried for over an hour yesterday trying to find a working code, think ill just head over to unblock-us.com and get an account... and in regards to bypassing Netflix TOS... that bothers me how?


I have seen many interviews with the Netflix owner and if you read between the lines he hates that they have to put in country restrictions by request of the big film companies.

Edited by Raindancer

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