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Just some things to get off my chest


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Let me just open up by saying this is a rant thread and I'm making it really early in the morning because I can't sleep. It is completely pointless and the mod can feel free to lock it or whatever.




1.People trying to ban things.



Ok so first up what the f*ck is up with people going around trying to ban sex and sh*t. Do tits really bother you that much? Did they offend you in some way?


Trying to ban drugs and stuff like that isn't much better I mean, if you don't like drugs don't do them, do you really need to whine because someone else does them?



Bottom line, trying to ban stuff is f*cked up. I'm sure their are exceptions, but this is my sh*tty-grammer filled rant, not yours.




2.I got nothing else at the minute... if this doesn't get locked ill think up smthng later.


If it does get locked well... I'll have a nice laugh at this in the later.

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