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Yusuf D

What is your favorite and least favorite missions?

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Yusuf D

My favorite mission is I Luv LC. I like how they start the game by showing Liberty City at night, when it's at its best, and the bright lights and nightlife.


My least favorite is Sexy Time. I mean that's sh*t is ridiculous man.

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Least favourite has to be "Going Deep", it took me about 40-50 tries before I got 100% score on it (although I developed a perfect aim with 9 mm pistol in the meantime :p ), the time was really tight on it and Bulgarin with Timur weren't exactly helping with their random catching flames or getting stuck in the underground parking.


So far my favourite ones would be "Caught with Your Pants Down" and "Dropping In" I guess, but I still haven't played 2 final missions yet. Generally Yusuf's missions were the coolest and most original (even "Sexy TIme", but aiming with buzzard and reaching time limit was a pain I admit). "Boulevard Baby" was nice too, with Bahama Mamas interior, but a bit short. And "Frosting on the Cake" had probably the best opening cutscene in whole GTA IV, so lively and realistic - the mission would be cool, but you had to kill TLMC so :(

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Favorite: In the Crosshairs


Least Favorite: Ladies Half Price


I pretty much like all of the mission in the DLC aside from the one I mentioned.

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Sexy Time is definitely my least favorite. It's so damn frustrating.


You have to skim the water to be able to use the miniguns on the boats, and the rockets have the effective blast radius of a water balloon.

Edited by 49ssd

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Fav is the first mission.


Don't have least fav.

But if I did it would probably be every mission with Luis' mom in it.

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