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Drug cartel sort of idea


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I was laying in bed earlier looking at the pictures of that mexican drug cartel leaders house that got busted, and how much money he had, and it got me thinking, could you make/bring this in to the online world?


The way that i thought it could be implemented goes like this;


You'll get a new contact, someone from the game who is heavily related with the drug scene, or even a new character. They'll guide you through the basics and what not and how to get started.

You will basically ring up this character, and select 'drugs', and it will take you to a menu with say 4 options? $50000, $100000, $250000, $500000. This is the cost of buying a shipment of say coke? always a gta favourite, and the character will confirm the purchase, and the money will go into a briefcase in your weapon wheel, so it cant be stolen (the money directly), and you will be told when the dealer is in town.


From here you will then receive a call from 'unknown' to come to a highlighted area, pre set in alleys, secluded locations, docks, airports etc. When you arrive at this highlighted area, you will look around for a car or van, maybe a truck, and the dealer and his men will be there waiting to do the trade with you. You enter the highlighted area and short cut scene shows you handing the money over, and the dealer and his men leaving, leaving you the van/car.


This is where the money comes in, the vehicle you are given isnt marked on the minimap, it wont despawn and you cant put it in your garage or take it to a modshop because of whats inside. you will have to either drive around with it or leave it in a location where noone will find it, or the cops wont roam. Depending on the amount of drugs you have, the longer it will take to find a dealer, up to 48 minutes ingame.


When you receive a call from an unknown again, the same thing as last time will be initiated, you will go to the buyer, give him the drugs and receive a breifcase of money, which then can be shared with the rest of your crew or whoever you want. you will receive double of what you bought the drugs for (50000$ - 100000$, $500000 - $1000000) There is then a long cooldown period before another deal can be done, say 3 ingame days, so this cant be farmed continuously.



It then comes with many risks. If your drug van is stolen, you wont know, if its destroyed, you wont know. The person who steals the van would then also have to wait to get a deal. if there is gunfire at the deal location, the deal is abandoned and you will have to wait for another deal. You are basically paying out big cash and holding it in the online world where anyone can come and steal it, in turn trying to make big profit.


Oh and this should also only be available in public lobbys.



I know there are many downsides to this, such as transferring money to friends, lobbys could be empty, places being camped (which if you relate to real life, this sort of thing would happen at drug deals, trying to take the loot from other criminals), but im sure you guys will have some ideas on the prevention of making the abuseable.


Im just fascinated by crime in all aspects, and gta has always been that game where i can do all this stuff without the obvious risks and consequences that the real world counterpart has.

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