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weird red/green night sky: Steam EFLC + iCEnhancer2.1 + dax1 0.82 fix


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does anybody know what causes this weird sky texture? it starts fading in about 8pm. I'm assuming it's not meant to look like that?
I added iCEhancer 2.1, then dax1's fix 082. (leaving out the d3d9.dll from dax's archive)
(this is Steam EFLC TLaD)

it kind of looks like this i found on the web for incehancer (but gone wrong)





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Dax1 said


"GTAIV\pc\textures\skydome.wtd\baseperlinnoise3channel.dds. it is necessary to change sky settings in timecyc.dat"


Anyone know much about that?




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resolved (i think!)

i think it's to do with this: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Rockstar Games\EFLC

i have no idea why. if it cant find the path the game crashes. but i had it set to a different copy of the game (ie a different folder...so what i think it may have been doing is reading the shaders from that path (or dax dll is etc?)
so i set it to: D:\Games\GTA4 EFLC\EFLC - myENB
and the problem has disappeared!



need to double check this on iCEnhancer as the fix above was for a different ENB.

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