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Basically would bringing burglary back as a heist spin off be a good idea. to give an interpretation you could phone lamar or lester to bring a van to where you are on the map. You will only be able to call the van after dark (about 22.00) and only enter a house with all the lights are out. You sneak (dependant on stealth) and basically thieve all small items. If the house is empty then go for broke, but beware the (renta) cop blip outside (get caught and you need to go). If someone is in then you can knife them or shoot with a silenced pistol in order not to disturb the neighbours or other residents, but the house will be unavailable to steal from for an in game week, but you have that evening to clear the house (thieving hours end at 6 am). If you try to knock off farms and gang homes then beware armed residents and pets. Any firearms lying around can be picked up and sold (you keep any money found and ammo). In a good night you can make between $15k and $20k ($8k to $10k average). In higher value homes you have hackable alarms to quickly disarm (2 mistakes and you gotta run). Gang homes are simply walk in's. After 6 am you can saunter back to a lock up to fence the swag.

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The idea could use some tweaking, but it sounds like something that could be fun to play...

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damn that would be sick. I loved doing those burglaries back in san andreas. would actually give more purpose to the stealth stat, too.


you'd load up the van just like back in the day. then I have 2 ideas. either, every time you load the van with a new item, it adds to your overall 'score' from the burglary. similar to the story mode Heist of the jewelry store, where your earnings would update with every display you smashed & robbed. Then you'd drop the van off at the designated location, & be rewarded on the spot.


or, you're not told how much you've earned. & when you drop off the van, it's sorta random. like delivering a car to Simeon.


also if you wake & kill anyone in the house, immediate 4 stars imo. I agree burglaries would be a sweet addition

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i would do it sounds dope finally something we can use our stealth and strength and knives too lol jerry can mostly though

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Great idea, doing home invasions was a good ability in SA. It would make the stealth skill more useful.

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