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[PS3] The Train Game


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Hello people! I have an idea for a free roam game, if it turns out well I will host games regularly as I am a very active player. So here is what I've got so far...


One team chases, another defends. Pretty much team based king of the hill. Once a full team is eliminated we can switch roles or shuffle the teams however we decide. We could also change variables like one member on the train has a bounty and the team defends that character specifically. This is totally open to suggestions and ideas.


This will happen in an invite only/free aim lobby it will help keep teammates from killing each other accidentally and it's nice to not auto aim to the police instead of your primary target. Also explosives are restricted to use against aircraft only because they easily stop the train and destroy the pursuing teams vehicles this will add challenge and longevity of chase.


PSN: fornuc8_the_st8

Time Zone: PST

LVL: 170 ATM


If you friend request me on PSN please put something in the request letting me know that you are inquiring about The Train Game. I usually just delete random requests right off the bat unless I already know you will be sending one.

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