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Rockstar! Bring the Deluxo back to GTA V!


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The Deluxo was my all time favorite gta car. Being it based off the DeLorean and the Audi Quattro. I, myself being a HUUUUGE DeLorean fan, would DIE to have this back into GTA V! Id love to be able to paint it ultra blue with (sometimes) black classic-rod wheels on it and show off to the NPC's! I would always drive the Deluxo everywhere on the map in GTA VC, I would even have the GTA VC Deluxo car mod for GTA SA! Its just a very nice car that I loved. Sadly I found out that the Deluxo was a cut car from GTA SA. Would YOU like the Deluxo to return to V?

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Same here. But seeing what they did to Jester and Sandking, I'm not sure if I'd want it anymore.


Any suggestions for DLC's, addons, patches, etc. should be posted here :)

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