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How do you make a spoiler icon in the text? Just wondering, I have seen it a lot lately, if someone could pm me or something, thanks.

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This is how


This is how





Click the icon next to the "font" tab

Select "spoiler" in the dropdown menu

Enter the text you want

Hit "Ok" and there you go.

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@GTA3Rockstar and @Raavi are correct and have shown the best method but if you want the text to be covered, like this, rather than a spoiler tag, requiring you to select the text in order to read it, then click the icon next to the 'Font' tab, select 'Background color' and then choose a color of your choice, and also make the text color the same as the background color.


You may choose that way in circumstances where you have a wall of text and only want to cover up a few words/sentences :^:

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