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sharing created death matches....


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Hey everybody ! I ( farmking421) thought i would share my crews ( Spruce Grove Killas) death matches.



Pool party . Booze and guns make a very deadly mix. http://rsg.ms/1gKS6jm


Mr Wangs Halfway in .You aint paying for this room and Mr Wang and his boys are coming to collect ... Evict this! http://rsg.ms/PN7iqw


Lay Off Season .You just got layed off the boss must pay. http://rsg.ms/PN7qpS


The Fleshy Fun Bridge. Bridge .... stuff on bridge ... sound familiar? http://rsg.ms/PN7B4r


Grove ST Gangwar .There's been bad blood between the ballas and grove st for years ... Time to let it flow into the streets. http://rsg.ms/PN7V39


Playboy .Mansion look familiar? Instead of women and sex we have gangstas and death. Lets kill shall we? http://rsg.ms/PN83jk


Juicy Love Tunnel.Long .... dark ... filled with stuff ... LET THE KILLING COMMENCE. http://rsg.ms/PN8lqj


Hands On C0Ck Wash. Some good old killing in the neighboring alleys . http://rsg.ms/PN8Z76


Sumblas Crib. Your place Is getting stormed by a rival gang, reclaim what's your's. http://rsg.ms/PN9kqD


Mud Chute. Underground subway death match (GANGSTERS ONLY). http://rsg.ms/PN9qP2


Wasted Seamen. Giant freighter battle ... Waste those seamen! http://rsg.ms/PN9FJO


Blue Ball National Bank. This bank is freakin nuts ... and it just got a renovation. http://rsg.ms/PN9U7L


Rooftop Rapery. BIKES CHOPPERS JUMPS AND RPGS ON A BIG ROOF! Created by a Ninja. http://rsg.ms/PN9ZIC


Trees and Construction .Read the title again ... http://rsg.ms/PNah23


Bowl of D1cks . Tight close quarters team deathmatch. http://rsg.ms/PNauCp


Six Feet Under .Battle in this underground costruction zone. http://rsg.ms/PNaSkf


Let me know what you think.

If anybody is looking for a solid good crew to join msg me (farmking421) on ps3 .


Requirements are : 18 +



having a good time



New possible members are always welcome.

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