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Looking for a group interested in a Crew vs. Crew event (XBOX).


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I'm a member of the Old School Punishers, a GTAO crew. We're a group of easy going, mature guys, looking to hold some crew v. crew events. We're currently at around 70-odd members.

We've had a few of these events already and we all enjoyed them. Looking to do some more ASAP. In the past we basically had the two crews each pick a set number of jobs (races, deathmatches, captures, etc) and give the other crew our list. That way we each got to practice the jobs we would be playing in the event. Once everything was agreed upon, we made those jobs into playlists and played them with equal numbers. Everyone who showed up got to play. For the last event we had 16 guys and the other crew had 8, so we did 4 playlists. Their guys played all 4, our guys played 2 each. So we can make it work regardless of numbers, as long as you have enough to fill half of a lobby. We're also open to organized free roam wars or things like that if you'd prefer.

Please let me know as soon as possible if this is something you think your crew would be interested in. Give me some contact info for the guy in charge and I'll have our guy contact him to iron out all of the details, figure out preferred rules/settings/etc.


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Looks like this topic keeps getting moved back and forth between here and Gangs - Multiplayer Events. Anyway we now have a few scheduled for the next couple of weeks but we're still looking for more..

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We play auto-aim. Haven't explored the vs section, we're just trying to organize by word-of-mouth at this point.

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If you want a race challenge Red Rum Racing will always be up for it, on either Xbox ps3 or both

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