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Bad sport scoring.


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I came across a pair of evil griefers yesterday who were so persistent in their pursuit of one player (me) that they destroyed my PV twice. They destroyed the PV of another player who came to help me out. I swapped to Passive and stood on a rock and the then used offroad vehicles, using one to knock off and then the other one would repeatedly run me over. They also used a chopper to attack when I was in PV. Once they even landed a plane on top of me.

I thought I must have somehow ended up in a bad sport session, but later in the session I got a cash reward for fair play. I cannot understand how anyone playing like this can be in an open session.

I think R* ought to make killing players in passive count in the bad sport score. I like to escape situations like these and not run away but I ended up going to another session. So I leave my apartment in my Carbonizarre, turn a few corners and immediately get blown up by a tank. Just not my day.


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I feel you , people can be dicks but thats the name of the game so all you can do is play it. I run into this alot but honestly I never lose haha, the best thing you can do is just got o another lobby or be better at being in passive mode

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