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Looking for a crew (PS3)


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Hey there. I want to join a crew in hope that I can make your crew better.

I am very active on GTA Online. I am also a very good fighter and can hold my ground in a fight.

I am also level 110 and can contribute A crew very much.

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The Devils Tribe MCC LS


We Are A Small MC That Just Started Were About 20 Members.
We Are Looking To Expand And Become A Bigger MC And Maybe
Have Future Chapters At Some Point. But We Not Heavy On Rules
Theres Just A Few. I Will Name At The Bottom. But Were Just A Bunch
Of Cool Dudes That Like To Ride And Dont Take No sh*t. But Check Us
Out.. If Your Interested Or Knows Somebody That Might. Needing Hangouts
To Prove That They Would Be Loyal.
Check Us Out.
Serious Players Only.

1.) Must Ride A Hexer, Damon, Or The Bagger.
3.) Must Be Active. (not once of week type of sh*t)
4.) Mic Is Required.
4.) Have Fun And Raise Hell.

Any Questions Or More Information:

President - PSN- Yawchris
Vice President - PSN- Mr_watchem_drop

Link: http://socialclub.ro...ls_tribe_mcc_ls

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