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Catastrophic Error Occured


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Hi there,

the problem is:
I became greedy and wanted new cars and planes in my gta sa, but the cleo crashed my game. So i deleted the cleo files.
and when i tried to start the game it said "VORBISFILE.DLL missing try re installing the program". So I uninstalled the game and tried to install it again , but during installation it showed me error- "Catastrophic error".

my all software are up to date.

can anyone tell me what I can do to fix it???

thanks for your support

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Is your DVD clean?

The game did run before you mucked with the cleos?

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Thank you lil weasel to read,
Yes my game worked before I mucked up with cleos.


Actually when I installed gta sa first time at that time my dvd reader was working but after that it stopped working. But when I tried re installing my dvd reader didn't recognize my cd so I just copied the game in a usb with help of other laptop.


So can you tell me how to fix it???

thank you

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Get the reader fixed or replaced. Use the proper DVD, the game doesn't like (Piracy) modes. I am sure that is your problem.

There are external drives for laptops for under 30$US. Check Amazon.com as one site.

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