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Caught this headline in a google search


GTA 5 Online Cheats: Upcoming Patch 1.12 Update To Fix All Cash Exploits! Last Chance To Do 'Infinite Money' Exploit Method?


Good news to all the glitch haters and despite the predictability of the headline, could this be suggestion that the next update will be here very shortly (within a fortnight). What is everyone's speculations on when the next update will be here and on which issues will actually be fixed. Do you believe that all money glitches will be fixed or just enough to make any new glitch too difficult and contrived to be of benefit. Do you believe any significant issue will be fixed at all. Personally I just don't know how many glitches will be taken out, but I can see the next update being given a date for release sometime in the next 2 weeks and a deadline by no later than the Easter.

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