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St. Patty's Day Poker Run and Bike Meet-Up.


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Me and some fellow crew members will be on to celebrate St. Patty's Day tonight MC style. We'll be drinkin a sh*t ton of pisswasser, passing the bong around with some sticky icky greenery, runnin some races, and gettin it in with some death matches. Hopefully we can get enough people to run some full captures as well. We also have a ride planned with stops along the way for some photo ops. It'll be around 10PM Pacific Time. All MC's are invited.



Must be on Harley type bike ( Hexer, Deamon, Bagger)


No killing!! This is simply to get together, have fun and run some missions with a full server of other like minded players.


We are also looking for other MC's to participate in some Crew Vs Crew battles, so maybe we could make connections in here with other MC's.


It'll be invite only so if you or you and your fellow crew members would enjoy something like this please add me


PSN: whistlegoWOOOOT

Social Club: http://socialclub.ro...whistlesgowooot



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