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Never heard that before..


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Killing Babelyy

I'm tired of the same 3 cities. LC in 4 was a boring mistake. 6 needs to be a whole new city. Unless we just do LC LS VC an by the time gta 7 comes out do LC again in 4D or whatever we have then.

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i hope we never go back to VC... im kinda tired of R* recycling the same cities.


i dont know about this but NPC seem to be saying new stuff...


still nothing beats what an npc said to me after i simply touched him while leaving a store...


"i hope you're hungry 'cause i got a knuckle salad for you"

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People actually think this is a hint to the next game being Vice City? I bet they're the same people who think the first trailer for GTA 5 is in the carnival area in GTA 4, even though that's been there since 2007 and the trailer came out 4 years later.


Its pretty likely the next game will be Vice City anyways. San Fierro and Las Venturas didn't have too much of an impact on the series, but Vice City did and its a fan favourite. I believe it will return for GTA 6 (assuming they continue with numerical name releases) but not in the way you'd think. I hope its some sort of deep south with Miami and some other cities in the southern states. Who knows what next gen will do for GTA.

so youre saying its highly unlikely its vice city or even related but it is also pretty likely its vice city? Npcs in 4 talked about san andreas soo if were not in san andreas were are we?


May I see your copy of GTA Carcer City? It was referenced in past GTA games. How about your GTA game that includes all of San Andreas and not just the southern part? GTA 5 isn't San Andreas, its only southern San Andreas, if you didn't know.

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Some people look into things WAYYYYYYY TOO FAR!

npcs in gta 4 said stuff about san andreas


So what, they also said things about vice city.



Some people look into things WAYYYYYYY TOO FAR!

npcs in gta 4 said stuff about san andreas


Whats your point, they also talked about vice city ect.

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Bigfoot Car: CONFIRMED


Dildo launcher DLC confirmed.


Pre-order for your choice of dildo colour.


This is GTA we're talking about not Saint's Row 3, lol.

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