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Rewarded for being bad sport?


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The first few times this happened I thought what the heck? but it happened again last night.

After being chased all over the map having fun after someone put a $9,000 bounty on me, I blew up multiple personal vehicles and received the bad sport warning. Finally my xbox locked up (again) after someone threw 50 or so rpg rounds at me.


When I sign back in, "You've been paid $2,000 for being a good sport!"




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Special Agent 25

did you actually get sent to a bad sport lobby?


getting the warning doesn't make you bad sport.. so you're being rewarded for being as it said "good sport"

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you get a WARNING every time you do something that contributes to being a bad sport



i think i see what you mean though, you get rewards as long as you're marked as a clean player

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receiving the warning doesnt mean youre in bad sport...


unless youre wearing the Dunce Hat, youre not in BS lobby.

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Getting a bad sport WARNING isn't the same as being actually punished with it and put in bad sport lobby. Many get confused by this, but the number of PVs one had to destroy (even before latest patch) to get actual bad sport was quite a few in a short amount of time.

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