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FIB Granger vs fully modded civilian Granger


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Whick one has better straight line performance?


I have a Granger w/stage 4 engine mods & turbo. I am contemplating replacing it with a FIB version but just wanted to know if i would be downgrading performance wise.


GTA cars that featured both civilian and law enforcement versions have always seemed to differ from one another. The law enforcement versions in past GTA games have always seemed to be faster. A good example of this is tge FIB Rancher and standard Rancher from GTASA. And i was just wondering if that was still the case. And if so, do mods to the civilian Granger make it equal to or perhaps greater than the law enforcement versions.


From driving them, the fully modded one feels quicker off the line, but the FIB still feels stronger on the top end, but jus wanted to see what you guys thought.



Btw, i dont care about cosmetic details (ie sirens or colors). I just want the fastest Granger

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Lethal Vaccine

You'd be downgrading. The only way it'd be a nice switch, is if you have a save editor and mod the FIB SUV with engine level 4, turbo, and race transmission...

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The fully modded Granger is faster than the FIB Granger.

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