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I pulled out my old GTA IV the other day....


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....put it in and realized how HORRIBLE it is compared to GTAO. I played multiplayer for about 3 seconds before I realized this.

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Ikr, the visuals on GTA V make GTA IV look so outdated it's almost painful to watch, still had a better MP though in terms of Freemode

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At least in IV MP you didn't have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars for just about everything. You're even charged an "Activity Entry Fee" in GTAO. :blink:


It also had Cops 'N Crooks. I miss it dearly. :(

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hey there, SWPD.

If you're interested, have a read of a story I shared in the "Share Your Stories" thread.

you may relate with your recent venture back.

If not interested, no worries. Cheers! ;)

Meanwhile, Back In Liberty City by fw3

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I did the same. I played IV up until the release of V and it sat in my drawer until about a week ago when I decided to pop it in for a minute. As soon as I seen the character running like a retard, I thought, "Ok this isn't the worst ever, its do-able." Then between laggy frame rate and the constant static over the headset I made a decision. I decided to never play this game again.


Great story, great game for years, just a little outdated now. Ill always remember the good times I had in LC though lol.



I LITERALLY took the game out of my PS3, put it back in the game case, and threw it in the trash can.


Edit: "Niko, its your cousin Roman, lets go bowling?"


R.I.P to the homie Roman though.

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