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Reticule Question


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Long story short, I'm playing the mission Guardian Angels. After looking up GTASeriesVideo's walkthrough I was able to get past the rooftop shootout(dumb luck?), only to get a fail because I kept ramming the damn bike into everything (up for debate if I or bike controls were shaky here). The next few times around I keep noticing that after raining down the Ruger on the targets, it seems the bullets are going right through them. I was trying to go for the upper torso when shooting. Am I not aiming for the right part of the body or should I stick to the III era motto of "drive all around town and try again"?

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Are you trying to shoot the Haitian on Sanchez? If yes then it's pointless, as he is immune to your shots at this point. You have to chase him for a short time and then you can drive by him.


You can practice driving by borrowing a Sanchez and driving through the alley. Or start the side mission with a PCJ parked near there.

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