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More nightlife in Los Santos?

Yusuf D

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I mean we are talking about Los Santos here. Where are all the nightclubs and bars? To have only one strip club available, and to refuse to give access to the Bahamas Mamas is just crazy man.

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Why not skip strip clubs and get straight to the raves?




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I know! Like teqi la la is only open in one side mission whats up with that?

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I was very disappointed with the lack of stuff like this. I was expecting bars, at least one mall, a complete police station and maybe a hospital.


I think most would have been happy to sacrifice some of the country-side space for those sorts of details

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I agree, Los Santos is supposed to be a city full of clubs for the regular fella and Celebrities special VIP parties.


I think we should have different parties and stuff going on:


VIP Clubs where you have to be a on a the list to get in:




Bars where unknown bands play live music:




Some "thematic" Nightlife bars/Pubs

English pub



Hawaiian bar




Chill out bars





Clubs in the outskirts or neighboring towns near Los Santos for the middle class normal fella




Illegal rave party in an abandoned warehouse in the the Industrial complex East Los Santos.





Huge parties in the Desert:




Ghetto Street Parties:


Gang members hangout in the yard of some house or in Grove Street cul de sac with loud hip hop music and drunk and high



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