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Your most action packed moment!


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New thread I made at 03:31 AM, boy am I gonna regret this in a few hours. Anyways, this is about your most action scene-ish moments starting with myself



I was minding my own business in the back of a Titan when a new guy joins the game and heads near the airport. As we take off, he takes off in a Vestra plane and quickly tries to destroy the Titan (but no success yet). After this back and forth between dodging a small jet plane with a TITAN.. My friend decides to let him win for once, to simply check his reaction. He's about to crash into the back of the titan when I proceed to jump out, fly just over the vestra and shoot him down with the SMG followed by big fireworks.

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I was in a full lobby going around robbing stores. Once I got tired of doing that I decided to go down a alley to lose the cops. As soon as I lost them a gang of 4 players came running down the ally shooting at me. After I died I realized I had a bounty on me. When I respawned they all got in a car and drove off. They had also destroyed my car so I couldnt chase them. I got in a random car and drove to the gun store and put stickys all over the car. I then called lester and went off radar. The guys all had mics and I could hear them talking and laughing. They had stopped down the street a few blocks away. I drove at them full speed while off radar so they didnt expect a thing. As I got closer I jumped out and exploded the car killing them all. I survived and left them screaming with anger and insulting me lol

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