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Yusuf D

Who was your favorite and least favorite character in TBOGT?

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my fav: Niko. how did he get in there. well, he's Niko, you know

my least: maybe that stupid Tony, that asks me to kill Bahama's mamas boss, just because the guy has a club 1000x times better than his

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Marcos Bellic

Favorite: Yusuf

Least favorite: Armando and Henrique

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Tony of course. With any series I usually tend to gravitate towards canon gay characters. I imagine if I ever were to make a let's play or something of TBOGT then like 60% of the commentary would be just me prattling on about how much I love Tony, almost like how a Tumblr fangirl would talk about one of the dudes from Supernatural or something. I still have a lot of trouble watching that cutscene where he tried to put the gun to his own head. Poor affection-starved sweetheart, getting with guys who treat him like sh*t even though he doesn't deserve that at all. Makes me so sad. The fact that people hate him, like with the stuff I see in Youtube comments sometimes like "Luis should have killed Tony in Party's Over and taken ownership of the clubs" makes me really sad too. I wish that after the events of the game he quits all of the stuff that Evan directly+indirectly got him on and finds a guy that actually treats him right.


I also really like Brucie. I remember I was first watching a playthrough of IV I was thinking well this guy is kind of obnoxious, but I still kind of like him. Though eventually I watched TBOGT stuff and realized that he's a big softie and how Mori's treatment of him basically shaped everything that put me off about Brucie at first, plus the whole so-deep-in-the-closet-he-may-as-well-be-in-Narnia thing about him was kicked up a huge notch when he literally tries to kiss Luis. Now I'm just like look at this cinnamon roll, he just needs a damn hug. His portrayal in V/Online from what I can see made me kind of sad because I had hoped that eventually after the events of TBOGT he would have managed to have risen above Mori's nonsense and just be himself. I wonder what he would be like if they had actually gone that route instead.


Least Favorites:


Since I love Tony, of course I hate Evan. Manipulative gold-digging creep, getting Tony on drugs claiming it makes him "more fun" when he's really just making Tony weaker and more dependent on him as well as slowly killing him as drugs do. I mean, Gracie influenced Tony's drug use too but she actually cares about Tony and didn't have malicious intent. I'm glad Evan dies rather early, though a way more satisfying scenario, in my eyes at least, would have been if Tony had at stood up for himself on-screen and had enough of Evan's sh*t and dumped him for good. And then Evan dies somehow. Evan did have some pretty funny lines though I guess. "You f*cking hetero" has to be one of the best lines in the whole game, and his Tony impression in the car ride in Frosting On The Cake made me laugh too.


Mori. Shouldn't even have to explain why I hate him because it seems like that's just a universal thing in the fanbase. I wonder what Brucie would be like if Mori never treated him the way he does in the first place.


I also hate Rocco. A racist homophobic asshole that I don't understand why anybody would like outside of maybe a love-to-hate sort of deal. I just find him obnoxious.

Edited by MonarchBoo

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The Rockstar Gamer 108

Fav : Tony, Luis, Yusuf, Mori, Henrique, Armando, Bülgarin, Brucie, Evan and Gracie.

They are all cool. They always remain happy. In my opinion, Mori and Henrique are the most unique characters in the trilogy. Yusuf proves the proverb- A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed, during the last mission. Luis and Tony are the coolest and funniest friends with Father-Son Relationship in all games. Bulgarin is also a cool character who wants to buy up everything he's seen in his life. Gracie is spoiled daughter of Giovanni Ancellotti, whom the whole Liberty City fears.


LFav: Troy, because he wastes Luis' s times in some missions just to make the cutscenes lengthy and boring.

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Favorite Luis of course.

And least favorite character is Mori, cause he was annoying little sh*t, can't stand him really.

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M.B. Kovas

Favorite: Bulgarin

Least Favorite: Mr. Santo

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Favourite: Yusuf & Gay Tony,

Least Favourite: Mori.

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iiCriminnaaL 49


  • Luis Lopez
  • Tony Prince
  • Ray Bulgarin; he becomes childish sometimes, but he's still a badass crime lord. Not to mention that he's at least likable to some extent.

Least favorites:

Pretty much like 99% of the game's characters. But if I had to pick the very least favorite, that would be Evan Moss. I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Mori Kibbutz.

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Posted (edited)

Favorites: Niko, Packie and Tony

Least Favorites: Yusuf Amir, Mori Kibbutz and Evan Moss.

Edited by JPFL

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Outlaw Biker Viking

Favorites: Niko, Roman, Packie, Luis, Brucie, and Tony

Least Favorites: Mori, Evan Moss, and Mr. Santo (yes, I know the last one was an insignificant character and only appeared in one mission, but that guy was a serious d*ck)

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Favourite: Gay Tony, Bulgarin

Least Favourite: Mori, Rocco, Evan

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Favorite:All of them. The annoying ones like Mori and Evan also serve their purpose in the story so I really can't hate them. I can never hate annoying characters that serve their purpose. 

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least favourite

Luis - he is just and arsehole to everybody. He almost killed Tony by drowning him as well as threatening to kill him as well. And wasn’t Tony the one who got Luis out the hood and got him his helicopter license as well as that fancy flat of his?

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Favourites: Tony, Yusuf & Luis

Least: Rocco, Armando & Enrique 

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Tony and Yusuf are among my 3 favourite characters ever (third being Tenpenny), Yusuf is someone I would definitely like to see again in another GTA, he made TBOGT worth waiting for in my opinion, so damn funny all the way through. And my least favorite was Evan he was REALLY annoying 

google street view

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If I were making a Top 10 GTA Best Supporting characters list, Yusuf would be #1. I can't get enough of that fool. Whenever I hear "Arab Money" he pops into my mind.


Least: Gracie & Rocco.

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