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what Features/Elements do you want in future Open World Games? (GTA6,M

Recommended Posts


Okay here is what i want with Next-Gen OWGs:


GTA (First Next-Gen Installment or VI)

Being the Ruler of the Genre,all the fundamentals in GTA since (2001) should still be in the next-gen installment to the Openworld Premier Franchise,such still be there but evolved,but the few things i want to see in Next-Gen GTAs that the HD Era games couldnt do are:

*Many Interiors to Enter

*GTA "First Next-Gen"Improved Wanted Level

*A more advancement on AIs and the Living world and more.

(and pls no Over-The-Top-Sh*t like i.e.Action Hijack (SD) or like Saints Row)


Saints Row 5 (first next-gen Saints Row)

Infact the Franchise should be Rebooted,The first two games were SA ripoffs and even improved on the Influential Game (San Andreas) but with minimum Wackiness,then SR3 and SR4 just destroyed everything,a franchise that was about Gangs became about taking over the World and ALIENS,and it a new and young IP (8 years;2006-2014) unlike GTA (17 years 1997-2014) with 15 games,but with next-gen i want SR to be rebooted and infact introduced and adopt alot of gameplay mechanics from GTA,Mafia and Sleeping Dogs,but also keeping the wackiness it known for,this is what i want:

*Cover System

*An Aiming System (maybe adopted GTA's Auto Aim type of system)

*A detailed World

*A Great Storyline,either Action/Gritty/Emotional but nothing Retarded or Over-the-top (i am looking at you SR3/4)

*Great Combat System like Sleeping Dogs

*And FFS Have a Real-time Phone System like HD Era GTAs,Sleeping Dogs and WD.

*Many Interiors

*Safehouse Interactivity like GTA i.e. Watching TV or Drinking or Sleeping to Save game

*Less Over-the-top Activities and have realistic mini-games like GTA i.e.Pool or darts or going to the Cinema

*Yeah SR should also copy GTA's Strip Clubs Interactivities and maybe able to call Hookers like GTA or something like GTAO.and more.


Mafia 3

*Please Take the 100% Realism down to GTA's Level maybe (70%)

*A Detailed World

*And Some Fun Gameplay


Sleeping Dogs 2 (whatever it called)

*Keep the Balance of GTA's Path of Realism

*A Bigger and Detailed map

*Alot of Original Ideas instead of being a mix of GTA+AC+Max Payne.

*A Better Camera,No Wonky Vehicle Camera.



and that it,with next-gen the Franchise that needs alot of improvement and needs to take the advantage of the power is Saints Row,but yeah GTA,SD and Mafia also needs to advance.

Edited by Blood-Is-in-Diamond

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Misbegotten cad

What we need is more juggs.


i mean in medieval games like skyrim, there are a lot or pitchers and urns and even vases for you to smash and toss about. But no juggs!


This is an outrage. We need more juggs to toss about!

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I agree with the trigger, because it's not challenging by raping the R2 button to shoot. It doesn't make sense that you can shoot so many rounds while holding R2, it's better to press the R2 every time as it's also fun and realistic. Other than that, rolling needs to be involved and that is about it IMO.

Let's compare:


- In GTA V, when you aim from cover, the character reveals most of his body. In Max Payne 3, Max only reveals a small part of it's body.

- GTA V run-n-gun was bullsh*t, you always had to aim to see the crosshair. Not with Max Payne 3.

- While GTA V's cover system was more fluid, Max Payne 3's felt more safe.

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Pretty much the entire list in the OP describes The Warriors (the game)


To be honest, GTA's melee system, although a huge step up from IV, is still tragic, they should literally be ashamed, STILL can't tackle/grab people, and can't even choose weather to kick or punch anymore, not to mention many civilians literally die when you accidentally knock them over? It's impossible to have a reasonable fight on GTA. Disgraceful.


But yeah, robbing shops and mugging people were both on The Warriors (made by Rockstar Games), which came out way before Saints Row. Why GTA insists on focusing on things like darts, golf and tennis instead of a decent fighting system, muggings, robbing shops, drug dealing and house burglaries is beyond me. This is a crime game after all. They try and come up with some bullsh*t excuse like "these activities don't fit the characters" which is so laughable it's not even funny. If we cared about morally upright protagonists and activities that fit with their personalities we wouldn't go on killing spree's. Ever.


But yeah, rant over, if i ignore how inadequate GTA is in terms of actual criminal activities to take part in, i would choose to improve the AI, people's reactions to events, etc. People on GTA V behave like total brain dead retards. You can walk too close to a pedestrian on GTA V and they'd run away as if you threatened them and start calling the police, at which point the police will turn up and if you move away from them they'd try to shoot you to death, too ridiculous. That being just 1 example off shockingly retarded AI, millions more can be listed.


EDIT: Actually, one of the things i'd like to improve most in GTA specifically is the totally unrealistic police response times, like i could stab someone in the middle of the desert with absolutely no witnesses, not even an animal would have witnessed it and i'd straight away get a star, and police would magically know my exact location and be there in seconds, total bullsh*t.

All amazing examples at the contradictory nature of modern GTA games. Once we got GTA3, we kind of expected a growth in the series that will constantly try to match and out-do itself. Each entry we got more upon more. At the point of San Andreas they could afford to add stupidly useless features like eating, building muscle, and girlfriends which were for the most part added not much to the game as a whole. But that was fine, because the whole game was fully fleshed out. That was my issue with IV, I was expecting San Andreas but more, in the end we went back to square one where GTA3 had started but it actually felt like it had less than that. It felt like GTA1 in 3d. So any kind of mindless activity like bowling or taking a friend to a f*cking cluckin' bell was just an utter insult to the gameplay we once had.


That is what I believe Rockstar keeps doing with GTA titles and has done again with V. Adding redundant mundane tasks that are laughable on their own, just for the fact they exist in the game. That is their purpose at this point. Not because Yoga or mopping a floor is fun or hilarious to do, it is just a joke that it exists in the game, to try and pass off like the game is larger than it seems to be. It gives you that illusion of a fully fleshed out world like we used to get. The mindset being "wow you can even mop the floor in one mission, imagine all the awesome things there could be if they have time to put that in the game" And you soon realize it is all a thin veil covering a game no longer designed to have many many playable functions, but just useless crap that really doesn't offer much, just padding out the game itself.


As for the cop AI, it seems even worse online. I honestly think if there hadn't been the call lester to remove wanted level option I might have given up a long ass time ago. You can be in a train tunnel with nothing else a round and still get spotted, I have no f*cking idea how, unless a train driver called it in. It makes no sense. The cop AI is so scripted, they get 2 milimeters away and then you lose them, it is designed that way on purpose and it pisses me off. There is no actual skill or planning in it. Because if there was, you could know when or when not to kill someone, or rob a store. Masks would actually work to rid you of your wanted level if you took them off. All if it, is just dumb.


I much prefer it when an open world game focuses on the experiences and missions at hand, and not a made up characters back story. I disliked every playable character in GTA games after possibly tommy vercetti. But even then his one liners got on your nerves a bit, but it is nowhere near as annoying as now.


I miss the fido/clyde approach, even if you don't get to create your own character or even choose out of a preset group. I just want them to shut the f*ck up and let me take control of them, rather than feeling like I am dragging some useless fatbody around that just irritates the sh*t out of me.


If the game focuses on good replayable gameplay and not useless side activities GTA games and any others will be much better off. Why make games inside of games? Instead just make the game you created fun enough to want to keep playing for years. I didn't buy the game to play f*cking tennis.

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The reason I found IV better than SA was because SA (for me) felt like it was going for quantity over quality. While the story was the weakest in the series, some of the gameplay elements were useless IMO. Like the train driving missions and the courier missions. I barely used them at all. I thought that IV had the perfect balance of quality and quantity. LC in IV was also amazing.


I also liked the story in IV and Niko. It was consistent and good. My only two gripes with it were that the mission variety was not great although IV does have some good missions but compared to the other GTA's it is mediocre. Also considering the game is set in New York. It was disappointing not to have something related to investing in Wall Street or something like that IMO.


As for the A.I. I am pretty sure that it's a console limitation problem. Shame we are still waiting for a PC version for V though. I'm sure those can be fixed and we will be able to mod features once the game releases.

Edited by AceKingston

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That was one of my biggest problems with IV, all the missions were samey and not memorable at all. TBOGT added some good missions and features that should have existed from the beginning.


I wasn't much into the whole gang thing in SA but once you left LS it was all awesome. But even then it had a unique story you could remember, despite what the plot was like. I just hated Niko's bitching and whining constantly. Such a mopey motherf*cker. IV to me didn't offer anything decent gameplay wise except the driving, which was amazing. Other than that I would never have played it again since release. Train driving or ambulance missions might not be that fun but it sure as hell beats bowling, or doing f*cking yoga.

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at least IV had missions that you expect from GTA.

Idk but Vs Missions didnt gave me the GTA vibe at all. I also didnt like the 3 protagnoists thing. I rather want one character with a deeper story.

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I actually feel the exact opposite of your opinion. For me CJ was the one who was constantly whining and I absolutely loved the gang theme of SA. I really disliked the countryside storyline in SA.


While SA had (IMO) the weakest storyline in the series. It did feel like an adventure going from 1 city to a countryside to a desert etc. I really liked that too. Overall both are fine games. I enjoyed them both.

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at least IV had missions that you expect from GTA.

Idk but Vs Missions didnt gave me the GTA vibe at all. I also didnt like the 3 protagnoists thing. I rather want one character with a deeper story.

There's nothing wrong with going with change. 3 protagonists was a very good idea, a game changer. They just messed up in some parts of the story.

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at least IV had missions that you expect from GTA.

Idk but Vs Missions didnt gave me the GTA vibe at all. I also didnt like the 3 protagnoists thing. I rather want one character with a deeper story.

There's nothing wrong with going with change. 3 protagonists was a very good idea, a game changer. They just messed up in some parts of the story.




thats right, but this change wasnt goo. At least in my books. It was nice the first few times, but it become annoying really quick...

Having to switch just to drive races or to do rampage missions and so on. Or to do other missions. And the story had less depth because there were 3 characters instead of one. I didnt feel any of them at all.

I felt CJ and Niko...

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Misbegotten cad

I loved the three characters, because they were so different. It really kept the game fresh, because you would not get bored with any single character.


Also, it was great detail that you could actually bump into the other two heroes when you were driving around the town. So their lives went on even when you were not there to control them.


But it's not a new idea: there has been hundreds of RPG games where there are several characters working simultaneously under a single player command, and also the ability to jump from character to character as need arose. Final Fantasy games, for example, or Dragon age games...

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Cosmic Gypsy

Hit the nail on the head there Daz, love that post.


EDIT: To pick up on what i previously said about how they claim they cater activities to protagonists, another reason why that's bullsh*t is we had 3 different protagonists in GTA V, all with largely the same side missions and activities to take part in, they made Trevor out to be a psycho junky sketchy c*nt before the game was released and turns out all he can do in his spare time is play tennis, bullsh*t. Any attempt at trying to give him an activity relating to his personality was pretty much transformed into a fly here and there type travelling mission, and in fact wasn't really an activity at all. Hundreds of other examples of this same sh*t can be told for every character.

Edited by Cosmic Gypsy

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