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Red Dead Forums?


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I know this is a GTA forum, but I was thinking a Red Dead Forums partner site would be cool too. Users could use the same login account for both sites. Rockstar has 2 Red Dead games out so far, a third is gonna happen eventually. Red Dead Redemption is a really good game, and it doesn't have a well known dedicated forum like this one.

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We had reddead.net around the release of RDR and for awhile afterward but it didn't exactly turn out well and didn't get enough traffic to warrant keeping it open if I remember right. The reddead.net domain redirects to gtanet.net.

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Reddead.net was a pretty vibrant community, although much small than GTAF. Many of the GTAF gangs had gang pages on that forum as well. Unfortunately the staff over there changed and it became a much less friendly place. Quite frankly the trolls somehow were put in charge and the joint went to sh*t. Then they made the decision to go in a different direction and rename the site. Now they get as much traffic as they rightfully deserve.


At any rate, I believe the reddead.net domain is owned by the good folks who run this place, and they will certainly create a new RDR forum when the next Red Dead is announced.

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