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A Sign of Hope, Nope.


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So, I joined a random free roam, decided to drive around the map a bit in my Speedo (the heist van), so I stop in the middle of the highway and I went to go get a glass of chocolate milk, when I come back, my van is full of people, and there are 4 police cars in a square around my van with there sirens on. I just start casually driving but they follow in that perfect square, kind of like a police escort. This went on for about 15 minutes and it was pretty interesting, so I stopped at a store near Paleto bay, the guys all got out and robbed it and got back in. So, once again, we're off!

We rob about 3 stores until we come to a stop in a tunnel because there's a random in a tank sitting in the middle of the tunnel. He just stares at me....


And then... I try to drive by.

And He gets out...


And shoots me with an RPG.



God Dammit.

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my Speedo (the heist van)

See there's your problem. no heists

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Use the pinned stories thread

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