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Starting New Game, then crash.


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Hey guys i'm brand new at this, i just got GTA IV on my brand new PC, i have all the right specs (with a lot space between recommend and my specs, gtx 770). I got this game mostly for mods, but when i went to see if the game would play after a whole night of downloading installing, i wasn't able to play. As theres some problem with social club, so i clicked on play offline, it loaded fine, i clicked start, and the character slideshow went fine, then i got to "starting new game..." and then it just crashed to the desktop no error no nothing, i've been researching, i tried everything i found, i have no save file as i wasn't even able to start a new game. Please guys help me out here, i don't want to believe i spent a whole night and money on a game that won't work. Thanks. I also got from steam. Thanks in advance guys.

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To be frank, I do not own it on Steam as I have the physical version but I can propose my help anyhow. I assume you have the latest patch, which is What is your OS? If you use Windows 8/8.1 you should use a commandline.txt that countains -memrestrict (see http://gtaforums.com/topic/397064-frequently-asked-questions/) as it might fix random crashes, well I believe so. Have you installed the lastest updates of your video card? Try to run the game as administrator and with XP SP3 compatibility (you should have read that somewhere already but we never know). Launch the game using LaunchIV.exe. Also, you should try using XLiveLess, it removes the multiplayer and the files verification but the multiplayer will close soon so I reckon it mustn't be an issue not having the multiplayer nowadays for IV. Be sure that you antivirus does not stop the game. Hope it helps.


Good luck!

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