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RSGSC glitch


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Hi, I dont know if this is me or for everyone eles. Whenever I play on the RSGSC for GTA IV, it just saids Social Club login failed. Please try again. Is this because of the steam sale? thanks.

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Same problem for me since i installed the GFWL update on last friday

GFWL client didn't work anymore, i reinstalled and got it working with same id and pw

but still can't start the game online, always says Social Club login failed

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works now, started game offline, was asked for connetion, did it, inserted again activation code, lost then all savegames

enabled win update feature and let it do everything while shut down

was afk for a week, came and back startet game online, worked, downloaded and installed again dlc

put my savegames back

works now like before, can play MP with same gfwl id, social club id and gametag

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