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[PS3] Aus Army Forces Military Roleplaying Clan


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Hello Soldiers,



This topic is an introduction to a new military roleplaying clan called Aus Army Forces

We are looking for active, dedicated and mature players to join.




1. Have a microphone

2. Have teamspeak

3. No squeekers

4. 13 or over (exceptions may occur if you can prove yourself)

5. Be mature

6. Must be over level 40

7. Must live in Australia or New Zealand

8. Willing to be dedicated






1. Always respect everybody even if they are doing the wrong thing. Just report them to a high ranking crew member who is able to deal with it.


2. Always follow orders from me without complaining


3. You have 1 warning, 1 kick from game and then a kick from the crew.


4. Always follow roleplay rules


5. If you are going away please tell me or an high ranking member right away or you may be kicked


Roleplay Rules:


1. Always carry out orders from higher ranking members


2. Wear the uniform at all times during missions


3. Never shoot a fellow soldier


4. Never bring in personal vehicles


5. Try to use military prowords as much as possible (for prowords visit link: http://www.armystudyguide.com/content/army_board_study_guide_topics/communications/prowords-used-in-radio-communication.shtml )


6. Always communicate on teamspeak


7. Use the right teamspeak channels


8. Do not dick around or make stupid decisions that will obviously get you killed, be smart.


9. Never blow up ally military vehicles


10. Try not to fire without announcing it


11. If back-up is needed call home base


12. Don't tap in to other squads ts channels


13. Do not complain about your role


14. Do not ask for higher ranks


15. Always wear your required uniform. If you are shot and you are not wearing your uniform it is your fault







Meetings will take place at least once a week for mission review, briefing and any other questions. If you do not attend these meetings without telling me you will earn a strike. 3 strikes and your out.




Whenever missions are not announced. We will hold training sessions where members will focus on their shooting, driving and flying skills. You must attend at least 1 training session per week.


Mission Briefs:


The only way you can advance up the ladder is to attend missions regularly. A mission will be held once a week, it is encouraged that every-body comes along as 16 players is required for these missions. If you do not attend at least 1 mission per month, your out.




When in sessions with 8 or more team members our base will be held at Los santos airport. It is required that at least 1 person minimum is to stay to stop military vehicles from despawning.


When in sessions with 7 or less players, a base will be set at Senora desert airfield (trevors airfield), Same rules apply.


The base is home for all members of the crew, unauthorised people entering the base will be shot on sight.




Rockstar has given us the lovely tool of crew management. Every day you are to check the crews social club page for updates concerning training, missions and meetings. If your excuse was "I didn't know" then you will receive a strike.


Off Mission/Trainig:


If you are off missions and training, you are free to do whatever you want with who you want. Communication does not require teamspeak if you are not training, meeting or doing a mission with the crew.





New recruits to the clan will be put through a series of tests to ensure they are fit for the job, this includes mission training, and training of your selected position. If the crew agrees you are fit, you will be officially invited into the crew. To sign up simply visit this link and fill out the form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1qzenexbKwLQLROphUDOuOZb0ND09zxTkMLV8dQUl5s0/viewform





We like to run this crew organised and professional, as a result, I have created multiple positions or 'departments' for you to work and train in.


Air-force: I am head of Air-force, in Air-force training you will learn how to fly a jet effectively, dodge missiles and bomb the ground.


Marines: My friend Cameron (Th3SleepSheep) is head of marines or 'Ground force", in marine training you will learn how to shoot effectively, take out vehicles and work as a squad.


Navy Seals: Currently there is no head of navy seals, first to be proven will become head. In navy seals training you will learn how to effectively drive a boat, shoot from a boat and take down other boats or vehicles.



If the crew becomes somewhat popular separate sessions will be held for training in these missions


If a certain position has too many members in it you will be asked to join another position. For information on what positions are available at this current time visit this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-H6WNVJBmKwukZ9JOiGWEpsfpPvzVtRvFdhlYpjfTeo/edit?usp=sharing




For anything regarding the crew or our rules please email us at [email protected]


Since I've been asked to link the crew into social club I will. Do not sign up here please use the form. Social club link: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/crew/aus_army_forces



Good Luck soldiers!

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Please provide a link to your crew on Social Club.


Do not respond to this. Simply edit the link into your opening post.

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