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Cone Crazy Bug


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Ok, so i was trying to 100% GTA VC, so after almost 30 hours of gameplay, my savegame corrupted... :(

after alot of rage, i've decided to try again, but instead of starting all over, i've decided to download a save game with at least some things done, so i've downloaded this one:



after doing the toy'z races, i've robbed some stores and done PCJ playground, so far so good, but when i try to make "cone crazy" i get a weird bug... on the instructions before the event, it's written: "you will get 0 bonus seconds for each checkpoint"

and as soon as i get the fist checkpoint, i get mission failed...


is there anything i can do? should i just give up on doing 100% on VC? i really wanted to do it, but damn....


edit: i think it's a problem with the save game, because if I start a new game it works perfectly...

any ideas?


I'd be very happy if anyone could get me a save game with: all hidden packages, rampages, stunt jumps, paramedic, firetruck and pizza boy...

or at least something like it.....

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There are also a bunch of saves hosted in this thread-- http://gtaforums.com/topic/397970-downloads-database;-the-second-coming/


Note that all the ones I did were done using a code tools (automatic mission passer, package collector, jumps collector)-- so the stats for the some of the completed items may or may not reflect that they are done.


There are other saves in that thread too and they all should be permanently hosted.




On a hunch I checked all the saves I hosted using code tools-- and the one you linked to above is one of mine.


On that save cone crazy has already been completed (using Demarest's timevault code tool)-- so the code tool is what is causing the bug (you can't repeat it apparently after using the code tool)....


For the above save http://gtasnp.com/16334


The following has ALREADY been done....


All hidden packages collected

Paramedic missions completed
Taxi fares completed

Firefighter missions completed

Pizzaboy missions completed

Vigilante missions completed,
RC Raider challenge completed

RC Baron race completed,
RC Bandit race completed

PCJ Playground completed
Cone Crazy completed

Trial By Dirt completed,
Test Track completed,

Hyman memorial stadium events complete; Dirtring, Bloodring and Hotring,
all Unique Jumps have been completed

• Four properties have been purchased; Skumole Shack, El Swanko Casa, Ocean Heights and Hyman Condo


//edit again//

I had this note in the body of the post just above my save files but went ahead and put it next to each link...


NOTE: All the following saves by Spuds725 were completed utilizing Demarests code tools, Please read the note at the bottom of this post before downloading


"I want to design a video game where you take care of all the people shot in all the

other video games.... It's called Busy Hospital II" -- Demetri Martin


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Thanks for the answer guys!



I made this mistake because i've checked your save with vodoo48's savegame editor, and it was saying that somethings were'nt complete...

thanks for clearing it up anyway!

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