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Two Problems (Glitches, Error)?


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So lately after i play around doing like killing people or just driving around L.S i go back to my garage (400k one). I go and in the animation when my car or character disappears after the schene and it just freezes there for 5 to 10 minutes. I don't know why this happens but it's getting annoying, What do i do?


Second problem: Yesturday and Today i was trying to join random race but it said Rockstar services unavaible and it brings me to my last locatation. Is this only for me or for anyone else?


Please tell me Thank you

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I moved. That apartment sucks, nearly everyone in the game has it because it costs the most and they think it's better but in reality every one over 200k are identical inside. There are a few that are in better spots With better garage approach areas and have less people hanging out in front of them shooting each other and blowing up cars. There are also tons of glitchers/cheaters that live there and I was constantly getting stuck Between the inside of the garage and the door when coming and going. Way less problems after I moved to a better spot

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