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World Building


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Hello fellow forum members. I bring you this concept as a foundation on which to showcase your ability to create fictional settings. My objective is to create a place where users can submit their ideas and recieve constructive criticism, feedback, or any and all comments on their masterpieces. I will be the first poster, and I will leave it to you to decide whether this catches on or dies a miserable death. Without further ado, I give you my first piece of fiction:


Midway City

The Gateway City”

Population: 656,000

Founded: 1788



Midway City is a sprawling urban metropolis in the homeland of America. One of the oldest cities in the country, the “Gateway City”, as it was dubbed by its founders, was established first as a hub for dairy production, livestock, and farmland. The first settlers to pass through the valley and discover the grasslands were of Dutch and German ancestry. These pioneers built a wagon station in the flat, grassy fields, which would later become a major station of the Continental Railroad. These hard-working men and women soon constructed barnhouses and cattle ranches in the land, and began to expand their territory to the west, stumbling upon a native american hunting ground. The pioneers, threatened by the natives, attempted to run them out of their land, however the local tribe refused, and fought the white men to the end, which resulted in them being wiped out. The hunting grounds now became the foundation for he town of Midway Station. By 1778, British troops raided the small outpost in search of rebel fighters. They burned down many of the barnhouses, and captured or killed almost all of the population, who had no weapons and were vastly outnumbered. The surviving settlers rebuilt, and constructed a huge stone manor house, which they used as a town hall, living quarters, and hospital. The people of Midway raised hundreds of cattle, grew a variety of crops, and produced quality milk and butter. The small town soon became a favored destination for weary travelers, pioneers, and passerby, as it was well-known for the quality of its goods and its kind-hearted people. However, the British soon returned, and with the assistance of hired Hessian mercenaries, they launched a second raid on the town. They were not, however, prepared for what happened next. According to local legend, and acknowledged in written record, a demon-like beast crawled form the earth and decimated the entire company of enemy soldiers. The townspeople, believing the beast to be their savior and protector, built a church and monument over the cracked ground form where the creature allegedly rose. By the 1800s, Midway had become a booming town with its own city hall, general store, train station, and farm. Immigrants form all over the country travelled here to live in the beautiful green acres. When the industrial revolution took place, Midway was now a major metropolitan city, linking with other major cities via railway. Huge industrial factories and mills soon propped up all over the city, and the economy shifted form agricultural-based, to industry-based. When the civil war hit, the city was mainly unaffected, as it was in a remote part of the country, and it had a massive militia stationed just outside the city line. The city was able to prosper even greater, expanding its boundaries all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, where a port was constructed, now enabling global trade, a new wave of immigrants, and the importing of goods. Midway City is now one of the most populous, innovative, and modern cities in the nation, however its roots are still grounded in the heart of the city, with many of the old town buildings and farmhouses still standing.



Old Town:

Where many of the old brick buildings still remain, untouched by modern hands. The old courthouse, city hall, manor home, and wagon station are located here. This place holds many secrets and is a historical heritage site.

Gateway Station:

Located to the north of Old Town, this remodelled rail station is a major link to major cities such as New York and Washington, D.C. Once an old wagon station and trading post, it has now been renovated into a modern train station and market.

Midway East:

The most modern section of the city. The massive skyscrapers and glass-and-steel buildings dominate the city skyline, located just to the south of Gateway Station, casting a immense shadow over the old districts. Midway east is home to major corporate offices, the financial district, museums, and more.

Central Midway:

The major residential center of the city. Home to sprawling apartment complexes, townhouses, and old family farms. The Mayor's Office is located here, just overlooking Orchid Park. The city skyline is visible just over the apple trees.

Cherry Heights:

The municipal district. The new courthouse, city hall, library, police station, and fire station is located here, as well as the mutli-billion dollar medical center. The city power stations and water supplies are also located here. Just to the south of Central Midway.

Soldier Hill:

Looking down on the peaceful Cherry Heights district is this collection of ghettos. Warring gangs have plagued this abandoned section of the city, and the police don't step foot anywhere near it. The old high school is located here, a more modern and much more safe school was constructed in Central Midway not too long ago.


The old production plants, abandoned steel mills, and rusty factories decay in this forgotten part of the city, located a few miles from the base of Soldier Hill. Illegal activity as well as reports of human trafficking have been rumored to occur here. Otherwise it is a wasteland, save for a few functioning businesses. Also contains the dockyards and the once-bustling port.

Levenworth Family Oil Fields:

Located outside the city limits, in the dying grasslands, lies the affluent Levenworth Family Oil Derricks, which provides most of the fuel, power, and energy to Midway City residents. Allegations of corruption and immoral business practices, as well as the infamous slaver labor case have brought the business, as well as the wealthy family, to its knees.

Rollins State Correctional Facility at Midway:

The notorious state prison sits a few miles from the county border, just out of reach of the Gateway Station, where prisoners are transported to be gassed at Cochise Federal Penitentiary, roughly forty-eight miles away. The fenced-off stone prison contains some of the country's worst offenders. Murderers, rapists, molesters, arsonists, cop-killers, gang bangers, and other scum resides here, in a transition between the beautiful Midway City to their ultimate demise at the gas chamber miles away.


Once an old trading outpost and waystation, Carthage has become a bustling city in its own right. With a population of around 450, 000 citizens and containing the largest shopping mall in the nation, Carthage Center, this sister city, located adjacent to Midway, has been the epicenter of many violent gang wars and territory battles. The mob has moved in here and has control of many business here, and has been involved in bribery, rackateering, and city corruption scandals. The future of this neighboring city is unclear. Rumor has it this is where a second portal, or hell spawn, was located.


This military compound, comprised of an army fort, C.I.A field office, and military training complex, sits on a small, tree-lined island just off the coast of Midway City. Connected via a military-controlled raising bridge, this restricted base has been rumored to contain a nuclear launch site, an experimental testing facility, and other alleged activity.

Lee Drexler Memorial Airport:

Named after the founder of Midway City, Lee Drexler International Airport is a mid-sized airfield supporting commercial as well as private flights.

p.s: I have a hundred more ideas where this one came from.



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Mokrie Dela

Interesting idea. A testing ground for our fictional worlds? I like your thinking. I have a made up city from an old story that I'll share (I'll do this when I'm sober, perhaps - also why I'm not offering any feedback yet)



This could get interesting.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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Precisely! Thats exactly what this is intended for. I am an amateur filmmaker, I write screenplays and I am starting to dabble in video game storylines. I love creating mythologys and worlds for my characters to play in. I am looking for like-minded creative people to share stories and bounce around ideas wth. Please join me in this guys. I admit my first post wasnt necessarily well-crafted. I posted a simple example for illustrative purposes. I am working on an entire mythos to base my works on and will be posting it soon, unless this thread is killed before it is born. (Please dont lock this moderators, it is showing signs of life).

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Interesting, very interesting. A well recognized piece of work by me (Innocence and Loneliness) features probably the largest world I ever created. A city entitled Pennsylvania Solitudos. A sprawling, multi-cultural and multi-being city which is next to something I call The Black Coast. I have a lot of notes on it, and once I find 'em I'll throw them up.

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This may just be one of the coolest threads this year, anyway I guess I'll make a real post in it later but if you're all into world building and wanna go a little bit deeper, use this link http://clevergirlhelps.tumblr.com/post/78923022362/biology-biology-creating-a-race-2-creating


The link is to a tumblr post that has a collection of tips and hints and links.

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I think world building can be very useful but I'd be wary of anyone who thinks that they're making actual progress in breaking a story by being so diligent about it. At the end of the day, it's procrastination.

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Mokrie Dela

(Please dont lock this moderators, it is showing signs of life).

Don't worry, it's showing promise and could really help people, and be interesting too. I won't lock it and unless it turns into a really huge spamfest (which is about as rare as rocking horse sh*t in this section), neither will Em.


I'll have to hunt down some of my notes of one of my world. It was a strange story, similar to "Tom Clancy's Net Force" and "The Matrix" - an entire sprawling metropolis that was a 3d representation of the internet.- instead of going into a chatroom via a webpage, you'd literally walk into a lounge with people chatting to one another. I was always drawing up maps for it, too, and I'll try to find whatever notes i still have.



Vice Pres - slap that link up in the Writer's Resource if it's not already.

Edited by Mokrie Dela

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


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Interesting guys. Great to hear authentic interest in this subject. Can't wait to see whats in store as far as your guys' writings goes.

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