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is there a way I can make my secone gta 5 character look like one of t


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Ok so I want my second gta character to resemble someone in the real world. I was thinking maybe james bond but I dont know what settings to use. Can anyone help?

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No all you can really pick is race and hair everything else is basically the same

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Black & White

Which James Bond? There's been a few.


Yup. :^: - I'm assuming a modern James Bond.


I'm not sure, OP. In a few years, someone will probably upload videos of James Bond and other famous movie characters. Just compare a real-life image and do you're best.

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Found this:


Also theres a vid how to make ur character look like James Bond, havent watched it tho. Yesterday i saw a dude that looked exactly like hitman, was pretty awesome!

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