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[Q] Cheat Questions


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Bear in mind that there are many more scripting functions for SA than for VC. It is easy to make a cheat code. There exists a memory address, which stores last 30 keys that have been pressed. So you can simply take the last 7 and check if it is equal to "SJMAHPE", so that's not a problem.


The problem is to make a proper script behind your cheat. But, if you ever played VC, you may know that after you complete the story, two bodyguards will spawn in the Vercetti Estate and can be hired to protect you... Which is something close you want :).

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yes, maybe it's possible, do you now go and learn coding?


you will need a half year to realize your plan

do you still wanna do it?


TestCheatString made for GTA Vice City:


:TestCheatString{ Description:     Compares typed string against passed string Type: IF  Dependencies:  - Detect_EXE_version.txt  Parameters:   Passed:     0@ - 1th part of cheat string     1@ - 2nd optional part of cheat sting     2@ - 3th optional part of cheat string     3@ - 4th optional part of cheat string            (0@v together)      Result:     none       Returns true or false.  Example:                                                                                                      05F5: call_scm_func @TestCheatString 2 STRING 0x454D4954 0x435943   // TIMECYC }{   ///////////////0@v - cheat string to check4@v - copied cheat string 8@ - static adress of _cheatString9@ - ending of merged _cheatString: _cheatString + strlen(0@v) - 1     10@ - adress of _gtaStrlen / read character from _cheatString11@ - adress of 4@v, increased dynamically    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\}8@ = 0xA10942   // _cheatString05EC: 9@ = current_thread_pointer0085: 11@ = 9@ // integer values and handles11@ += 64       // 4@ pointer9@ += 48        // 0@ pointer0085: 12@ = 9@ // integer values and handles0085: 13@ = 11@ // integer values and handles       05E2: call_function 0x00642540 num_params 1 pop 1 get_string 9@ length_to 9@005A: 9@ += 8@  // (int)9@ -= 1    while 002D:   9@ >= 8@  // (int)    05E0: 10@ = read_memory 9@ size 1 virtual_protect 0    05DF: write_memory 11@ size 1 value 10@ virtual_protect 0    9@ -= 1    11@ += 1    end     05DF: write_memory 11@ size 1 value 0x00 virtual_protect 0  // NULL termination05E2: call_function 0x00642620 _strcmp num_params 2 pop 2 STRING2 13@ STRING1 12@ RESULT_TO 9@       if9@ == falseelse_jump @TestCheatString_return_false       05DF: write_memory 8@ size 1 value 0x00 virtual_protect false  // NULL termination     return_true05F6: ret 0    :TestCheatString_return_falsereturn_false05F6: ret 0
Requires VICESCM.ini v1
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As Mr. fastMan have already done it,

so, there nothing left for me to do,


i just want to say,

transfer is not a right word actually,

cuz we can just make a script that will do same kind of thing in VC as in any other game,


As ZAZ says,

if you wanna learn it, so that you can do it your self,

you have to give some months to it with passions,

next time you want to make a similar cheat,

look for a similar Cleo,mod and read it's script,

like there are a lot for body guards,


seems like iii era forum is cold these days,

it's a 2 week old post, in first page O.O

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