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New Age Gaming- Syndication Roleplay.

Recommended Posts


NOTE- Contact MaLik MIZZOU or The Don43 over Xbox Live for more information.


Syndication RolePlay is a new and exciting way to experience Grand Theft Auto Online from the perspective of your imaginative character in a RolePlaying environment.



For those new to what RolePlaying is, please take the time to read over a brief explanation of how it works.
Roleplaying is expanding on the reality of the world to become your imaginative character and live his/her life how you please. This means bending reality to become a person in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online to do whatever you see fit.
When you become this character, you play toward what you imagine that character would do day to day. This is what is referred to as being "In Character" as opposed to your real life personality. In the case that you are to speak or act in a manner that involves the player, as a person; this would be what is known as "Out of Character".
As the story-line in Syndication progresses, the players will shape the way they and others live day to day, along with the events.
NOTE- New Age Gaming- Syndication RolePlay is in the early stages. There are Administrative positions available to help shape the community. We seek to be one of the best RolePlays out there, and hope to only get better. Remember, this is a RolePlay, some things may be too realistic, some may be unrealistic, it is just to keep everything as balanced as possible. Keep this in mind when joining, hope to see you next Syndication.
Main Rules-
All characters will begin their roleplay experience at Los Santos International Airport or Trever’s Airfield.


Player Rules-

Game Chat- Game chat is for everyone to have short and sweet conversations, if you have a scene coming up, go to party/private chat. If a police scene is happening, do not talk until it is over.

Startings- Players start with a total of $5,000 (unless classes say otherwise). Players start with a knife or bottle. Players start with their choice of any Pedal Bicycle.


Vehicle Access- Players MUST have vehicle access on Everybody at all times, parked or not.


Passive Mode- Players may never enter passive mode at any time during a roleplay


Firearms- Players cannot sell, buy, steal, borrow or lend weapons to other players. They must buy them from an admin.


Fear Factor- Players must apply fear to their everyday life. This could be short term, like a gun being pointed at you, or long term like the mafia killing somebody you know. This could even be like investing a lot of money in the stocks.


Out Of Character- Players must say “Out of Character/Roleplay” if they intend on speaking outside of the roleplay.


Belongings- Players may NOT lie about their belongings, in any situation, especially on their bank.

Lives- All players start with three lives. If you are killed, you lose a life, when you lose all three; your player is pronounced dead. You may by lives for $50,000 a piece with a maximum of 5 lives total.


Deaths- When a player dies, he must return to his exact spot (Death Spot) and continue roleplaying the scene. Players will not lose a live in situations like: Fallinf, NPC’s, NPC Police, Ran Over by NPC’s, or Drowning, UNLESS the scene they are playing includes any of these situations, like mountain climbing and you fall off, you lose a live. When your character is pronounced dead, you must leave the session (unless there is no waiting list then just drive to one of the airports), and type “DEAD” on your character’s bank and begin a new character.


One Life Deaths- If a player is killed in an “Execution Styled Kill”, car bombs, explosions, or anything other extraordinary kill (or when specified by the killer), he is automatically pronounced dead.

Killers- Players who kill people must wait for victim to return to their death spot before acting on anything in the scene. You may NOT spawn kill somebody.


New Characters- When you make a new character, you forget EVERYTHING from the previous character. You may not make a “Repeat Character”, which is a character that was practically the same as your last. You may not make a “Revenge Character”, which is a character set out solely to kill or harm the people/group that killed you.


Hostage- You may take a player hostage by knocking him out (killing with fists) or killing with the melee of your gun. If a player is hostage, he may not walk, talk, shoot, drive, anything else unless told to by the kidnapper. Act as if you have duct tape over your mouth, handcuffs and shackles on.


Jail/Prison Time- If a player is in jail/prison, there is no way to break out. Even if there is no players in the police station or prison, there are NPC guards there.


Meta Gaming- This is the use of out-of-game information the "Player" knows but the "Character" doesn't know or using resources to affect one's in-game decisions.


Pocket/Ass Gunning- Players may not take any large or unconcealable weapon out of there “Pocket/Ass”. This includes any two handed weapon, Rifles, Shotguns, SMG’s, LMG’s, Snipers, 2 Handed Melee Weapons, Jerry-Cans, Rockets, Mini-Guns, ext. You may use these weapons if you are near a property you own, cars, houses, businesses, ext.


Emotions in/out Roleplay- Players may not take emotions from outside roleplay, into roleplay. This could be like getting mad at your friend the day before, and killing him in roleplay.


Gangs/Groups- You may have a maximum of 4 people including yourself in a gang/group in one roleplay. You may only have 4 people per activity. You may switch members if somebody is not there, so if you have friends that want to be in your gang, and one of your members is gone, they can come in, but when the other member comes back, somebodies got to go.


Purchasing- Players can purchase anything from admins only (besides selling drugs). You have to buy weapons, properties (houses, businesses, cars) and drug making supplies from admins only. These will be written down to prevent lying about who owns what.


Misc. Rules-

No Rage Quitting

No unnecessary cussing

No harassment

Do NOT invite people to games, admins will do it.

You must roleplay with NPC’s, so if you are in jail and no players are there, NPC guards are there, or you are going to a food store and no player is there, the NPC clerk will sell you food.

Thank you for reading, hope to see you at the next RolePlay.
Edited by MaLik MIZZOU

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Edited by xRenegadeLegacy.

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Ok, if we can get enough RolePlayers by next Friday or Saturday, we will try to RolePlay.

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Anything you say Samurai. But thanks anyway.

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