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Gameplay/Racing preference


Free Aim and Racing Realism  

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  1. 1. Do you prefer Free Aim on/off and settings in races set for realism or easiness. Please choose your three preffered options

    • Auto Aim
    • Free Aim
    • Catchup etc On, Traffic always Off
    • Catchup etc Off, Traffic depending on track type
    • Easy quick tracks
    • Long technical tracks

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Im just curious about peoples preference for playing GTA. i know a lot of people play it like any other game but I get tired of the usual scene and like to utilise it in a more serious manner. Especially with racing. My custom tracks are long (over 10 mins usually) and I try to make them with corners that take a level of skill or at least require use of the brake and a racing line. Some call them boring lol but Ive had good reviews too.


In short, do people prefer the easy, run of the mill stuff?

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I don't really enjoy really long races. They usually turn into obstacle courses that favor the creator and just go all over the place.


I prefer short LAP tracks that take barely a minute to do. That way you can increase the laps to increase the time of the race. And shorter tracks won;t confuse everyone.



But seriously. I hate AA as much as i hate catch up and slip stream.

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I agree, a lot of user created races favour the creator. I try to keep it easy to follow but still requiring skill but I guess the creator will always have a slight advantage in this respect. I do try to keep the vehicle types varied by default (although allowing any type) and dont own many custom vehicle types.

Forgot to say: add me on XBOX if you want to try my tracks or show me some of your stuff. StrakanXJ

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