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Odd "Player Sold Apartment" Message


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Last night I respawned after being killed. I was running toward something (I forget) when another player pulled up and beeped a new, musical horn at me.

The car was very nice (had a Wine red metallic paint job with a purple pearlescence) so I got in.

He drove me up to the Eclipse Towers apartment and pulled into the garage.

My screen hung for five minutes, yet the little wheel in the corner was spinning.

I was able to do other stuff, so I waited, preparing to shut my XBox down.

But then, the sound of the garage door opening came and I found my character walking out of his garage.


A message came up that read, "You no longer have access. The player has sold the apartment."

Anyone ever seen this? I immediately went back to my apartment (Tinsel) to check my access and my cars, which were all in tact. I also checked my money to see if I was now short $400,000 or something. Everything was fine.

The other player, however, was gone.

Any thoughts or clues? My initial thought was a money-stealing or apartment switching glitch, but no... didn't happen.

Just curious. Cheers.

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He sold his apartment and got another one from the Dynasty website..

Nothing wrong here, mate.

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