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Anyone else experiencing the infinite loading screen glitch?


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I keep getting this recently. Not when I load the game up, but say going from freeroam to a quick race. The game doesn't freeze, but it just never stops loading. Occasioanlly I'll be able to here people talking down their headset, but it's often only one side of a conversation. Anyone else getting this?

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Aero Dynamo

Its your internet connection. Do not play on wifi and upgrade to a faster net.

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I cant get online right now. I was in a race and was way ahead of everyone. Muscle cars and they didnt seem to know you have to slow down for sharp turns, even though everyone else had custom cars lol. Then suddenly i got a server error. Ive been trying to get back online since and keep getting the cannot load save files returns to single player message. Is the server down right now?

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