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Exploding Bunker - A Grenade Only Deathmatch (PS3)


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Hello, i made this PS3 Deathmatch, and i feel i want to share it.

It's extremely fun.






It's inside the ring on Elysian Island, and i blocked the access to the stairs with a bunch of boxes stockpiled on top of each other.

So basically you spawn inside the ring and you are completely trapped. There a bunch of Grenades scattered around, so your objective is to run around avoiding the enemy grenades while trying to blow up your enemies.

The center of the ring is some kind of chokepoint, as there are the most grenades around there, so if you run low on ammo and you want to refill, the center is the best for a restock, but also the most dangerous because you can be sieged by explosions from every side.


There is cover for every compass direction, so you are not really screwed in the open.

It allows up to Six Players and it's a blast (no pun intended) with a full room, with a buttload of explosions every second. Like a Mine Field.


It's set to standard Deathmatch, but if you go Team Deathmatch, you can have up to 3 teams. (3 players for every squad with 2 teams, 2 players for every squad with 3 teams)


Some Suggestions:

1) Throwing a bunch of grenades around and trying to hope someone gets caught on one of your explosions is not always your best bet.

2) The best way to kill someone is to open the lid on the grenade and then throw it after a few seconds, so it will explode almost istantly as soon as it lands, so your enemy will not have the time to run away from the blast.

3) Also, sometimes sneaking around might actually have some use.

4) Running and pressing R2 will drop a grenade on the ground as you're running. It's a great tactic to catch someone off guard, as they will rarely notice the grenade on their feet.

5) If someone runs after you, you can drop grenades after them without stopping with R2.

6) Did you play Bomberman? Trapping someone on a bunch of grenades from every side might be a great strategy.


Let me know if you find any bugs or glitches, i already fixed a bug that allowed someone to exit the ring and go up the stairs, gaining an unfair advantage.

I hope you find it fun, i find it extremely fun.



My Other Creations:


Red Dead San Andreas (Team DeathMatch, Gran Senòra Desert, Begins with a Standoff, Only Handguns, with Pickup Shotguns and Snipers.)




Bump Stadium (Short, Fun Round Race with a bunch of short jumps and a high one.)



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