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Drag racing/ street racing need help


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So me and my friends drag race (not a pre designed race a street race) and my friend has some way where he can boost like a vtec kicking in on a real car, at the beginning of a race after the launch he breaks and then catches up then somehow gets a big ass boost like its turbo or something, even when my car is much much faster he somehow catches up and passes me by allot every time and i google and you tubed it but i couldn't find out anywhere what he does, he wont tell me how he does it but he said one day he was driving like how you would drive clutch in real life and he figured it out and now he can boost somehow, if someone knows what hes doing or how please reply and its not a nos car because he uses my car and still beats me when i use his car

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Black & White

It depends. I know some cars are actually faster than others, despite the so-called faster cars being faster. For example, the Entity is faster than the Adder. Sometimes if you accelerate in time at the beginning, you can boost the car and it will rush away. Try driving straight, don't brake as much, etc.

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What car did you and him use?


Conclusion: 1. Nos cars mod, 2. Lag switch, 3. Maybe you underestimated the power of his car(like infernus can beat entity in first 100m).

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We use diffrent cars all the time but like one time his futo beat my fully modded jester easily and it almost beat my turismo too

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