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"BLK Mob Crime Mafia"


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Loyalty,Honor,Respect,Tactful,Mature...Just a few Words To descibe what "BLK MOB Mafia"..Were a VERY ACTIVE PS3 crew Recruiting Skillful & loyal PLayers.Why join "BLK MOB Mafia" over all these other crew's??Were like a family once your with us your under the Protections of the "MAfia " and we dont take Protecting Family Members Likely.All trained Killers or killers in training...We do top rp mission's (3000-5000rp) To maximize Rp gained within any given time and to also ensure all crew members from low to high lv are lving at a quicker rate than any normal or (average) gta5 player + we hardly Fail a mission..Most active Hours are active 24/7 have people in all time zones
{Ill be real with yah i dont think anyone comes on gta5 to play alone..I wasnt always lv 200+ used to be 20 doing gerald missions solo and having to fend off 3 people in open lobbies haha gud old days..Now i have a crew and we call the shots.So feel free to hit me up on Psn "RudeBwoyJacob" (Im The LEader lv 200+ Btw #Legit) and put on the crew tag for a day or 2 see whats its like),Will Have to run a couple mission with a Lieutenant or higher the first day to Get a gud assesment of your Gameplay,Skill & PErsonality..Only Loyalist Need apply
Mic Is a + not a must..Not Just a gta5 crew Were a Psn Gaming Family!

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Provide a link to your crew please.


Do not respond to this, simply edit your opening post to include the link.

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