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[Tutorial] Retro Event Poster


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1. Create a new document with the A4 document template.


2. Fill the canvas with a diamond style gradient, using colours

#90deff - fa8ab2





3. Using the rectangle marquee tool, draw a rectangle and using the brush tool, draw a white line down the side. (HOLD shift to draw a 90 degree line.)




4. Duplicate the a few times until you have something that resembles this.

(It might help to put all these into a folder or merge them all into one layer).




5. Click the layer(s)/folder and go into Free Transform (Ctrl – T). Then rotate the layer 45 degrees.




6. Duplicate the folder/layer(s) and flip it horizontally so you have the diamond pattern. Then lower the opacity to your choice.




7. Now get an image/silhouette. I'm using a palm tree. Set the layer to multiply and lower the opacity. Now it’s time to add your main logo text. The fonts I've used are Pacifico and Bebas Neue. I'm also adding a few rectangular lines with a side gap of 2CM.




10. Now since I have CS6 extended, I’m going to make this text 3D so it stands out a bit. (You don’t have to do this; I just prefer the 3D text. Just click on the layer and new 3D extrusion form selected layer. I’ve just changed the front inflation material diffuse to a more pinkish colour, added some shine and bumped up the reflection. I’ve also added a 10% cap to the bevel.




(Full size) http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2771/13156044515_7a1033e0ff_o.jpg


11. Now I’ve added a few water splashes and some palm trees.




12. Now I've added all my text and a subtle glow. I've also added a gloss line to the 3D text.




13. The file is getting quite big and I'm done with most of the major items, so I'm going to render my 3D text save the file as a PSD and save it as a PNG. It may take a while to render depending on your PC’s specs.



14. Now open up your PNG image. It’s easier to work with the PNG because there will be no more rendering with the 3D text. I’m going to add some lens flares I’ve found on the web.






16. Now flatten the image and duplicate it. Then add some Gaussian blur and set it to soft light at 49%.




17. Then I added a curves adjustment to compensate for the extra brightness.



18. Et voila! Your finished feel free to add any extra effects to spice it up even more! I just added some Bokeh and noise.



Here's some examples of what you can create!




I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions please feel free to contact me via PM or post a question in the thread! Thanks!

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Cool tutorial man :^: Added to GFX Tutorial Archive.


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