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Suggestion for PV insurance Fix


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Just like everyone else, I've experienced tanks blowing up my PV and not having to pay for it. I don't think it's that big of a deal because 1) I don't see that many tanks in public sessions (x-box) and 2) I will pursue the tanker and try to take them out as opposed to allowing them to continue to trash my vehicle. But in previous threads people have mentioned the tactic they use to avoid paying the premium is creating another character, having all bank funds withdrawn, then returning to another character and blowing stuff up without paying.


This could easily be fixed by reducing the amount you can withdraw from the bank at a time to $500. Every purchase in this game can be deducted from your bank account, besides friendly ladies on the side of the road, so there's no reason to have the option to withdraw period. If they allowed sharing off money not earned from jobs then it would make sense, but that likely will never happen. So with the next update if they remove the option to withdraw more than $500 that should rid the issue of deadbeats to not have to pay for their discretions. Or the more obvious route of making the players bank account go negative, but that's so obvious if they intended to do that it would be done already.

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This could be a fix, but like all abusers they'll be those pricks that are patient enough to withdraw all their banked cash. Hopefully all the patient ones are filthy rich

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