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[PS3] Vehicle Request/Duping 2.0


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So it seems we just passed the 1000 page for all vehicle dupers and requests (lol)


This will be the final home for all modding/duping discussions and requests. This is a new thread, so all off-topic posts from earlier are cleared. Let's try this again and make this the one stop shop.


Some of the more mature and respectable members of the earlier topics is why this topic is here. Some of you have friends, so here is your home to mingle and chat once again.



No Spam

No Advertising

No Flaming

No Tow Trucks (Big or Small)

Keep this on topic or this will be locked or members will be subject to further punishment ranging from Warnings and up to Temporary Bans.


Request Formats:




Have: (List of Cars)

PSN ID: (Name your ID or simply put PM me)

GS or BS: (Good Sport or Bad Sport)

Rules: (Such as Must Have Mic, etc.)




Want: (List of Cars)

PSN ID: (Name your XBL or simply put PM me)

GS or BS: (Good Sport or Bad Sport)

Rules: (Such as Must Have Mic, etc.)




Behave in this thread, this means no arguing, no going off topic, no spamming.. you know the drill. Any unwanted posts or any type of derailment will cause your post to be removed without warning or possible lock of this thread until situations calm down. Let's keep it mature.. make this your one stop shop to find friends, help each other and keep the community at peace.



We all know it's easy to quote someone with a quick reply. That's fine, but if the said poster posted a substantial amount of pictures, please don't quote with the images.. remove the images. It's an easy process, don't be lazy. If quotes are too long or quotes begin pyramiding, they can and will be removed without warning. So help everyone out by limiting the amount of unwanted quotes and scrolling.. this removes other members requests from being buried. Give everyone a chance to get the car they need or want.



This mainly refers to people promoting their cars through their signatures. That's an awesome thing.. more power to you. But please do so moderately. Don't have a signature that is just entirely too large.. must fit within forum guidelines of 500x150. Also, no tow trucks are allowed to be displayed in your signature. This is against forum rules and any signatures displaying tow trucks or over forum restrictions will be disabled immediately.




These threads are here because you've demanded them. So work together, report any infractions, make sure the threads stay clean and help the staff. If these threads stray too far off subject for any period of time, Staff can and will close these permanently. So again, work together.


Alright, enjoy.. keep it clean and professional.





Report, report, report any posts that don't belong or violate the stated rules. If you want this topic, put effort into it.

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Hi there everybody :) I have a great deal for hammer owners:


Offering: Anything that can be stored to garage and is NOT a premium vehicle, please tell me color and any other mods you want for it either by PMing me here or on PSN



PSN: nalle00 , just add something about my offer in the request


I am good sport


Want: Hammer melee weapon


Rules: You give the hammer before you get the car, i invite you to a session where i am waiting at Beeker's Garage at Paleto Bay in your car.

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Im looking for someone to make me a modded speedo van using the save editor. If someone can help me that would be great .... PSN : spArkyFizzord..... I put a request in on the other thread , but the conversation went from vehicle request, to people chatting about Fake ass Wrestling..... Plz dont ruin another thread

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