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[XBOX] Friday Night Community Event - Airshow


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So if you haven't seen the videos fromt he past two weeks community events then you are missing out. We have a great time.


week 1 we did a fight club and week 2 we did a demolition derby. We may have time to do a Derby tonight after the airshow.


Week3 - Airshow


We need all sorts of planes - Crop Dusters to Titans. If you can fly and do tricks that is great because you could be a star. If we have enough we'll do a small derby afterwards since that is always fun.


You can do formation flying, stunts, dives, and anything else you can do in a plane. If you fail that is even better cause well we will all laugh at you on the internet.


Time: 10:45pm PST

Where: Airport


Send a message, not a friend request to, Kobra Kahn if you want to join.

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