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*PS3* ''ROBOMAN Activities Car Meet'' Official Event T


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Hey guys,


I can now bring you the:


''ROBOMAN Activities Car Meet'' - WED 19th March 8pm UK timezone


on the meet we will do:


- Helicopter Lift

- Drag Race (no supers)

- Hill Climb (off road)

- Rob Store

- 1 on 1 Lap races (super or sports)

- Bus Trip

- Parachute jump

- Cowboy Duel (sniper riffles)

- 1 on 1 fist fights (no weapons)

- Take on Police

- Photo Shoot

- Order all Cars for Shoot

- All Guns Salute

- Random Attack on civilians


to be in the meet you will need:


- super car

- sports car

- 4 players with sedans/4door cars

- guns and ammo

- money to pay off wanted levels (if need be)

- off road vehicle

- Sniper Riffle

- Parachute




So far I have:


1. ROBOMAN1000

2. LemonNloaf

3. npadgett69

4. Prodigy4791

5. luna-tec

6, adamaay

7. al-khatib94

8. zohaibrose

9. josue999

10. TacoBane

11. gunslinger_gk

12. chili27

13. Tawner

14. major_majors57

15. soloman

16. bryantjames44


Back up list (if players above done turn up):


1. Matt_Storey

2. jonmender

3. ante2113

4. turpy88








could the guys on the list already confirm they are still good for this date and time,


if you would like to join the meet, add your PSN: below and I will update this original post un till all spaces are full,


once your PSN name has been added to the list by me, make sure you have friend requested me on PSN: ROBOMAN1000


on the day of the meet, if anyone from the above list does not turn up I will pick from the ones who missed out through my friends list on PSN if they are online and have added there name here too,




(head set is helpful, but as long as you can hear me and stay in line when driving, keeping distance, normal meet rules)


''ROBOMAN Activities Car Meet'' - WED 19th MAR 8pm UK timezone


Gonna be a fun one guys!



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A suitable date and time for me .. and we are already friend ROBOMAN1000






PSN ID: Prodigy4791

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Big up guys!


got you secured on the list!


remember people, im filling the player spaces here, on the forum, then i'll check my psn friend requests,


stick your psn down if you want to join,


thanks a lot everyone!

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hey guys, who els is up for Wednesday night 8pm for this meet?


get your name down guys, lots planned, ive tested the run and it all goes smoothly

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^? haha,


ive also now own a bus and a helicopter guys, so no problems there, an extra helicopter on the day would help though,


lets fill this lobby up for this meet,


cheers guys

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i know this will end up with my psn getting invite requests like nothing on the day, seems to always be that way, but would be ace to get some more names down on the list, whos up for it,


i have designed this meet to be as much fun as poss,


check the main post^^^


cheers guys

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Sounds awesome I have all those vehicle etc. High enough level too follow directions without f*cking sh*t up for everyone. Can join? psn same as name there.

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What about "Men In Black" as a dress code for the event ... in case ladies will join .. they should be "Ladies In Black" :lol::p

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I'm in, also got some pics from our impromptu meet tonight


Edited by Gunslinger_GK
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I was in for a moment in the session then i lost the connection :( ... please invite if you'll gonna run some preparations tonight

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yo roboman add me to that list

opps im already on the list f*cking smiles all around hahaha cheers bud

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cool, TacoBane and gunslinger_gk are both secured on the list, thanks guys!


Prodigy, cool idea to have a dress code, but just more organising involved, people forgetting etc..

plus i kinda like the average dudes off the street look for it


gunslinger, good fun last night man! some nice wee pics!


TezST, na i dont have one man,


im just gonna be fine tweaking the run tonight on my own, i pretty much know it off by heart now,


this is gonna be serious fun and possably bring out never before seen types of photos,


Please try to make sure all players have the requirements from the list above, so everything runs smoothly as poss,


this is looking pretty good now, 12 players names down,


any more looking to be added to the secured list? once your on the list, your in for sure!




thanks guys,


psn: ROBOMAN1000


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im down add major_majors57 and be sure to put me on the list. when you add me just say something about the car meet

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good stuff Prodigy, looks nice man!


that's chili27 , Tawner , major_majors57 & thegian9o seured on the list, good stuff guys!


one place left on the list for a guaranteed spot in the meet, but people should still put their psn down as back ups incase some players don't turn up etc..

I would also pick names I knew on my friends list if there were no back up names here first,


**********I must say guys, I don't know all the names on the list very well, im sure your all cool, but no killing each other, crashing into each other on purpose or generally ruining it, just stick to the script, my protocol will be to instantly start a fresh meet, invite all the players except for the trouble maker to the new lobby and continue the meet from where we were*************


lets keep it fun guys,




psn: ROBOMAN1000

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